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                                                              The Forge 


           Now that we have had a closer look at the archetype of the Warrior, we must look at his mettle, his character, and thereby gain a fuller insight into what exactly drives this part of our being.  If these aspects of character are left undeveloped, it will be easy to imagine the consequences once we understand how essential these characteristics are.  Each character aspect described is integrated and represented through our spiritual armor.  When this is understood, it will be easy to see our weak spots, our exposed underbelly if you will, due to the lack of protection some missing aspect of character would have afforded us.

In the earliest stages of childhood, our character develops; character is learned, but CANNOT be taught. ...


The Warrior is cut from a most “Noble Spirit.” It is with this Spirit we are all imbued and created.  The Spirit wants us all to develop into full maturity and take on all situations fully prepared.  Before we can understand that which we are created to be, we must be able to identify those characteristics that make up the Warrior.  Once these characteristics are recognized and identified, we will then be able to fully understand how those parts of our makeup operate.  If we have identified an aspect of character we feel may need some improvement, we will be in a position to make constructive change.


Remember: Character is learned by actions and decisions made.  We determine how much and in what fashion our character is molded and shaped by the decisions we make and the actions we take.

Just as there are various metals in an alloy, the components of our character blend and work with each other.  ...

It is not with just a well-integrated character a warrior is armed.  He is also equipped with real armor that protects him and serves to support his stance on the field of conflict.  His training in the terms of character is only part of it.  His training in the use and reliance in his armor is a crucial part in understanding the mindset of the Warrior.  Truly, one has to consider his mettle as well as his metal.  The subject at hand is his mettle; so let’s take a look at the mindset and character of the Warrior.  What traits constitute a Warrior’s character?

What follows is a list of character traits understood to be inherent in the Warrior, how they are best defined, and how they serve the individual.  Scriptures are used to describe each characteristic and describe the protections derived by each- as promised by God.  While armor, or metal,  may serve to protect in a very physical manner, the Warriors character, or mettle, serves to protect us in other waysTo present an example for each characteristic, Jesus' behavior in many situations is used for clarity.

The chapter concludes with presenting several scriptures for the reader to consider with their knew understanding of the Warriors character.

Understanding what has been missing from our behavior and, subsequently, what has been denied society, we will now have a chance to release the Warrior from the dungeon he has been imprisoned in and allow him to take his rightful place at our table.  Understanding the Warrior within us may at first glance seem a little out of place in our world today, but now that it is clear how important the Warrior’s behavior traits are there is a great likelihood improvements will soon follow around these newfound guardians of God’s faith and assurances.  If we open ourselves to the development of the Warrior each of us carries within, concrete change is destined to occur in society.  The bad guys always seem to win because the good guys haven’t been “playing the game.”

Don’t you agree it is time this changed? We must unleash the empowerment wielded by the Warrior, as he is the only trained combatant entrusted with all the keys to the manor.  When he is unleashed upon the problems of society, we shall see God’s will manifested.

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