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                               The Belt of Truth

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           Eph. 6:14  Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth . . . .

        To the warriors of the Roman Empire, girding one’s loins meant much more than comes to mind today.  This act today consists of using a simple leather belt to hold our pants or slacks up.  For Roman soldiers, the belt worn to gird the loins served to support the back as well as provide protection for the soldier’s soft underbelly, in addition to the loins.  Historically, there have been typically three different belts involved in the arming of a Roman soldier, and later the knights of Europe.  One belt served as a girdle and was worn in a manner that would bind the undergarments and protect the privates.  The second belt was worn as an additional form of protection for the kidneys and belly and supported the body armor, or served as a point of attachment for the protective armor of the lower extremities.  The third type of belt was worn to carry and support the warrior’s side arms.  Some may understand the various applications of a belt as armor, but the manner in which Truth serves in this capacity as our spiritual armor is a concept few understand.

There are many reasons for which we transgress against truth.  Sometimes it may be to take advantage of a situation or in some way derive a personal gain. . ..

What follows is a look at the three principle types of belts and a comparison with applications of honesty and truth.  Some of the reasons for which we transgress against truth, and the subsequent effects are touched on.  Scriptures are used to support the many points raised concerning the protection of truth in its many applications.

The manner in which belts integrate with the rest of the armor protection is expounded upon.   This is a general theme which continues to show the interdependence and support each piece of armor has towards the others.

The efficacious nature of truth and honesty is compared to the purifying effects of the kidneys on the blood.  This is made pertinent by showing how the Bible relates sin as being borne by the blood, and paid for by the 'blood of the Lamb.'

  As an interesting aside, consider most belts are made of leather, sometimes reinforced with metal.  Unlike other pieces of armor, the belt required a different kind of care and upkeep.  Rather than to prevent rust, care was to prevent dry rot.  This is interesting if one considers a lie or being untruthful as a type of corruption, which affects the armor.  Think of a lie as forming a spot of rust on one’s armor.  Although a lie, or rust, cannot affect the truth, its effects can be as devastating on every other aspect of one’s armor as unchecked rust can be to real armor.  Ultimately a lie, when thought of as rust, has the capacity to rust, or corrupt, every aspect of a Warrior’s armor, including his only true fashioned weapon: The Word of God.  If one is found to be dishonest in one’s words, one cannot expect to use the Word of God to secure God’s promises or bolster up oneself with God’s might in time of need.  Such a person can be discredited to the point that any witnessing he may perform would be discounted or disavowed.  There is no shortage of formerly well renowned evangelists whom have been discredited by the discovery of their lies.  It is significant that most of their indiscretions have been sexual in nature.  Liars’ lips are a cover for hatred, whoever utters slander is a fool.  Prov. 10:18.  The honest have their own honesty for guidance, the treacherous are ruined by their own perfidy.  Prov. 11:3.

Consider this:  When confronting someone we find to be a liar, what other adjective usually comes to mind?  I am sure you have heard: “Why you lying, rotten so-and-so . . ..”  Just as the effects of a lies may act to blemish and corrode the other pieces of our spiritual armor, the substance of truth, as our spiritual armor, can be made to ROT or evaporate as a consequence of a lie. . .

  The text next covers the specific characteristics of integrity, truth and honesty, as relates to spiritual armor.  Scriptures are used extensively to discuss each point.

As a clear and present reminder specifically of the protective nature of Truth, keep these scriptures in mind.  These are just a taste of the wonderful and revealing scriptures that teach us of the protective nature of Truth. 

Ps. 91:4  . . . His truth shall be thy shield and buckler.

Ps. 138:7  Though I live surrounded by trouble you give me life--to my enemies’ fury!  You stretch out your hand and save me, Yahweh will do all things for me.

Jn. 17:15-17  I am not asking you to remove them from the world, but to protect them from the Evil One.  They do not belong to the world.  Consecrate them in the truth; your word is truth. 

    The chapter closes with a comparison of the characteristics of the Warrior, and specific ones which will serve to bolster the protection of the belt of Truth.

Truth is a formidable piece of armor for the Warrior in the Army of God!  Not only will it serve to support the previous piece of armor- The Willingness and Doing of spreading God’s message of Peace, but Truth will also serve to support, protect, and strengthen correct action, or Righteousness.  This is the next piece of armor we shall don in route to total preparation and the topic of the next chapter:

“The Breastplate of Righteousness”

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