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                                         Military Operations: Iraq

Completed! 'Operation Care package'  has been a success.  With the help of those contributing to the cause, I have been able to send just under 50 books overseas to our troops in Iraq.   

Accolade Ministries is negotiating a deal with the U.S.O. that will allow us to continue sending the word of God thru the message of "Awaken the Warrior" to our loved ones in Iraq and other dangerous places.

The current drive is to get sponsorship for 500 books and take them to Iraq, delivering as well the message of "Awaken the Warrior" in the form of presentations for the troops.

 Your donations help tremendously and are essential to send the message of Awaken overseas.  I am sure there is no lack of pornography being sent to the troops~!  Won't you help bring the wholesome and enriching message of Awaken to our troops?  If you would like to help out, send me a message in this box or call 1-800-483-6332.


      Note: All donations to Accolade International Ministries are tax deductible as a 508 tax excepted church.