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                               ~  Free Seminar and Books give away ~! 

How would you like to win a fee-free presentation for your church or group?  This offer is valued up to $500.  Occasionally I will offer a free presentation to the person logging onto the website as the correct numbered visitor.  At the moment, I have an opening in my schedule and I am offering a fee free presentation to the next person to contact me. Simply call Accolade at 1-800-483-6332 (a free call) or write to me at my email: please include your contact information if you write to me as I will not be forwarded your email.   

    Winner will have one month to coordinate a date for the presentation to be held anytime within 6 months of winning.

    Periodically, I offer free books to visitors to my website.  If you are the correct visitor, contact me and I will send you or someone you select a free, ebook or softbound copy of Awaken the Warrior just to say 'Thanks for visiting~!' 

      For more information, please write to me in the space below.  Please be sure to include some way for me to reach you in your message (Believe it or not, I have had several people write to me without giving me any means of contacting them back!)   Come back often and check out the Crusades and Workbook links as well. Workbooks are available in hard copy for a minimal fee.  Help spread the Word.


Peace and Joy~!

                                               Philip Sacco