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Workbook material is presented in the format of a seminar and an in-depth Bible study for proper Christian Warrior character development. The lessons are based on the concept of Jesus as our model for examples of behavior and to develop our spiritual armor.  

    The scriptures speak in great detail about the armor of God.  This highly introspective workbook sheds light on many aspects of daily living in perspective to the spiritual reality we often forget we are part of. 

    This Bible study considers a most important subject, little taught on...  the Armor of God.  The workbooks include a section on personal development and how we can become people of better character by developing of the Warrior within us.

    This up-to-date material instructs the reader in understanding character development from the basis of current clinical psychotherapy.  While freely distributed, this material is copyrighted and all associated rights are expressly reserved.

    The workbooks are presented in two editions- the Instructors and Participant Editions.  The Instructor's edition is intended to provide all the information necessary to host your own Bible study of the material.  It includes authors notes and target answers for all the questions contained within the workbook.  Suggestions are also made for leading large group discussions.  The Instructors Edition is not available on the website.  To obtain a copy, it will be emailed to any interested parties with full instructions.  Email the author to obtain your copy.  I am offering the workbook for free.

    The Participant Edition contains all the references to the material as it is presented in "Awaken the Warrior," as well as all the questions and points of discussion.  There are no right or wrong answers to the questions.  They are intended to provoke deep introspection and development in the individual pursuing the material.  This workbook can be downloaded off the web, but be warned.  It is in excess of 40 pages.  If you would prefer to work thru the workbook online, just email me and I will send you a free copy.  Working thru the workbook in this fashion allows you to keep the workbook as a journal and chart the changes in your life.

*God bless you and nourish you as you develop your armor.  When you are where the Master wants you, you are in a place of Provision.*