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This page is currently under construction.  Individually hand fashioned and cast, period medallions and pendants will be available.  No two pieces are identical.  Individual designs will be accepted as well.  If you have an idea for a piece of jewelry, let us know and we can help you with the design and creation of your unique piece.

All jewelry is cast in Sterling Silver, some pieces on special order can be cast in gold.  Pieces can be purchased with or without chains.  To date offerings include:

Order of St. Victoris medallion (13th Century Crusade Military Order, larger than a silver dollar, this piece contains about 1 oz. of silver)

Awaken the Warrior medals (these are approx. Nickel sized and are offered in one and two sided medallions)

Crucifix, Medieval style crosses

Fighting Cocks (small ornamental heraldic display pieces worn on chain maile)

Acorn pins and charms.

Angels/Cherub Pins

St. Benedict medallion.


Many pieces have been cast and are available.  I am waiting for some good pictures to post on the site.