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*Crusades: Calendar of Events and Pictures*

2003 - 2011

Color Key: Pending, Accolade Presentations/Ministry work, Miscellaneous, News.

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June 19th~ Serve at church.

June 12th~ Lector.

June 7th~ Read at a friends funeral today.  I have only known Susan a month, and visited her some 5 times to bring her communion at home.  She had come back to the church a couple of months ago and has found peace in her final days.  I didn't get to bring her a sample of my bees honey.  She was looking forward to it.  She thought she had less than a month to live and she was right.

May 29th~ Serve at church.

May 22nd~ Serve at church.  Bring communion to a terminally ill neighbor.

May 16th~  Eucharistic Ministry.  Bring communion to a woman with with perhaps a month of life~

May 15th~ Eucharistic Ministry.  Bring communion to a terminally ill neighbor.

May 12th~ Books arrive.

May 9th~ Order more books to replace those lost in shipping from Wisc.

May 8th~ Lector.  I accepted the assignment to minister with a terminal parishioner.  She has been given about a month.  She feels she has less than that.  She has recently come back to the church.  I visited with her for over an hour after bringing her communion.  She doesn't appear to be in pain, but is bed ridden.  I place-marked the day readings for her in her Bible and put it in arms reach for her.

May 7th~ Discussed new possibilities for grant proposals with Vicky.  She approached our rep at the Elliott area and was given materials to write a proposal around.  This looks promising.

May 4th~ Vigil.  Work on the construction of the new bee hives. 

April 28th~ Speaking at St. Thomas More church, Decatur, Georgia.  7-9pm. Topic will be: 'What is it We don't Know that Endangers Us.'  This topic will lead off with Hosea 4:6 and a reading from Ezekiel 33.  What is it that the Watchman is to alert us about...what is it that we perish for lack of knowledge of?  This topic will reveal what over 30% of Catholics deny exists and what safeguards and knowledge we can have to serve as protection.  Met with a friend for lunch and discussed getting the 501 (c) (3) paperwork finished.

April 25th~ vigil

April 24th~ Easter.  Visited with friends of the family and one of them is also a beekeeper and vintner.

April 22nd~  Help a new beekeeper house his first two hives of bees.  He is starting with nucs.

April 21st~ Serve at church.  Made contact with a worker from Monastery of the Holy Spirit.  Will be in touch with the commercial enterprise that is helping the Monks out with their bees to offer my help.

April 17th~ Serve at church.

April 10th~ Serve at church.

April 3rd~ Lector

March 27th~  Speaking at Gospel Way Ministries.  Subject~  "Spiritual Warfare in the World Today."   This talk will be based on information released by one of the foremost Exorcists in America.  We will identify the elements of spiritual warfare, its battlegrounds, the stratagems  of the enemy, the symptoms of spiritual warfare, as well as the areas of occupation the enemy can be found to attack.

March 20th~ Serve at church.

March 19th~ fundraising...Roman Daze Meadery...'The Basics of Mead Making.'  We will make Show Mead, and finish the night with a taste sampling of mead and a casual party.

Feb. 25-27th~ Speaking at Anachrocon.  Making Mead on Saturday as well as a panel on Distopian literature.  Two panels on weapons through history.  Panel on Sunday morning: 'Gnostic Gospels and Heresies.'  This turned out to be an ambush of sorts for me.  What I thought was to be a playful romp thru banned topics ended up with me being confronted by 3 self-proclaimed gnostics...more mystic than gnostic from what I could tell.  One of the panelists is a Cabbalist.  It ended up being a delightful debate never-the-less, and I hope very enlightening for those in attendance.  3/4rs of those in attendance were non-Christian.  Hopefully pictures are to come~

Feb. 13th~ Speaking at St. Thomas More Catholic Church, 7pm.  Subject will be an overview of the need for the armor and what it consists of.

The way the world sees us...A Before Shot and .....


                                                                                                                                                                                ...an After shot.  The way the enemy sees us.

Jan. 30th~ Vigil 1am.

Jan. 20th~ Working on transcription of Session #1 from St. Brigid's church mission.

Jan. 9th~ Serve at church.

Jan. 2nd~ Lector



Dec. 31st~ Lector at midnight mass.

Dec. 19th~ Serve at church.

Dec. 12th~ Lector

Dec. 5th~ Serve at church.

Dec. 1st~ Finished transcription of session #2 of the church mission in Hanford.  Very time consuming.  Resulted in 30 pages of text.

Nov. 21st~ Serve at church.

Nov. 14th~ Vigil.  Serve at church.

Nov. 11th~ Received the 'Called and Gifted' workshop info.   Father Daniel will not be available until after the 18th to go over the information.

Nov. 10th~ Installed software to record off memory stick. All presentations from California recorded on last Crusade are now downloaded onto the computer.  I have also installed voice recognition software and am starting to transcribe the presentations to print.

Nov. 8th~ Seventh session of seven~ Team facilitator for 'Life in the Spirit' seminar, Corpus Christi Catholic Church.  7:30-9pm.  Topic:  Transformation in Christ.  Session followed by a covered dish celebration as we enjoin the participants to a New Life in the Spirit.

Nov. 3rd~ Vigil.

Nov. 1st~ Sixth session of seven~ Team facilitator for 'Life in the Spirit' seminar, Corpus Christi Catholic Church.  7:30-9pm.  Topic: Growth

Oct. 25th~ Fifth session of seven~ Team facilitator for  'Life in the Spirit' seminar, Corpus Christi Catholic Church.  7:30-9pm.  Topic:   Baptized in the Spirit.

Oct. 18th~ Fourth session of seven~ Team facilitator for  'Life in the Spirit' seminar, Corpus Christi Catholic Church.  7:30-9pm.  Topic:  Receiving  God's Gift.

Oct. 11th~ Third session of seven~ Session Leader.  Team facilitator for 'Life in the Spirit' seminar, Corpus Christi Catholic Church.  7:30-9pm.  Topic: The New Life.

Oct. 4th~ Second session of seven~ Session Leader.  Team facilitator for 'Life in the Spirit' seminar, Corpus Christi Catholic Church.  7:30-9pm.  Topics: Spiritual Warfare, Baptism, Salvation and the New Covenant.  Holy Spirit delivers special message to a couple of the participants.

Sept. 27th~ 1am Vigil.  First session of seven~ Team facilitator for 'Life in the Spirit' seminar, Corpus Christi Catholic Church.  7:30-9pm.  Topic:  God's Love.

Sept. 26th~ serve at church.  Presentation in California.

Sept. 21~ Did a public solar viewing event at Stone Mountain Middle School.  10am-3pm.  About 350 kids in attendance.  Had a meeting to discuss the 3 presentations at St. John Newman's tonight. Looks like the start date will be Nov.7th. Scheduled.

Sept. 19th~  Lector.  Youth Group presentation on schedule.

Sept. 18th~  Attend a wedding and make contact with an individual whom expressed an interest in having at least one presentation in N. Ga. and possibly one in Tennessee.   

Sept. 16th~  Helped FRAC with a public Lunar viewing event in Griffin tonight at the UGA campus in Griffin.  Beautiful skies.  The Bino-viewer was sensational.

Sept. 12th~  Serve at church.

August 24th~ Program in Wisc.

August 23rd~ bring communion to a sick friend.

August 22nd~ Serve at church.

August 21st~ take a friend to get a prescription filled.

August 19th~ take a friend to Duluth to get a prescription filled.

August 12th~ Bring a friend to the hospital and drive her home after surgery.

August 11th~ Contacted by a church for a program in Texas. 

August 1st~ Serve at church.

July 27th~ Bring a shut in friend a bag of some 25 dvds to watch.  Bring a sick friend communion.

July 22nd~ Vigil 1am.

July 20th~ Bring a shut in friend communion.

July 18th~ Serve at church.

July 11th~ Serve at church.

July 7th~ host a tasting and appreciation party with 'Snooty Bees' and Roman Daze Meadery.

June 27th~ Lector.

June 13th~ Serve at church.

May 15th~ hit with a computer virus.  Lose login ability to the web for updates.  Issue isn't resolved until mid-August.  Updates done to the site at that time.

May 13-16th~ Speaking at the Flint River event 'Georgia Sky View 2010.'

May May 2nd~ Lector.

May 1st~ Nursing home visit.  Help a friend out and visit.

April 29th~ Vigil 1am.

April 24~ I will be the keynote speaker for the men's group, Esto Vir in Osh Kosh, Wisc. Topics will be 'What is the armor of God' and 'Sacramentals and their use in Spiritual Warfare.' Website counter has been hit several times by winners.  Hackers had disabled the communication link on the site and I have not heard from any possible winners.  I am offering a fee free presentation to the next contact.

April 10th~ Last winners time limit for claiming presentation won in January.

March 26th~ Vigil.

March 21st~ Serve at Church.

Feb. 28th~ Lector.

Feb. 7th~ Serve at church.

Jan. 17th~ Serve at church.

Jan. 10th~ V.W. is the lucky winner of the giveaway.  She missed the last one by one number on either side last go around and it went unclaimed.  Lector at mass.

Jan. 2nd~ Visit St. Jude the Apostle CC in Sandy Springs.  Haven't been back here for a mass in a couple of decades~!



Dec.  28th~  Nursing home ministry.  Helped a friend go to the bank and make three transactions.  It brought home to me again just how much we take things for granted.  What would have been a simple 15 minute chore for me took 2 hours with him.  His condition is deteriorating and it is sad to see.  He is resigned to staying in the nursing home now as his speech has gotten so bad, he can't talk with people on the phone.

Dec. 24th~ Visit "Our Lady of Perpetual Help' in Carrolton.  Very pretty church, reminded me of St. Jude.

Dec. 13th~ Visit St. Patrick's in Duluth.   Very different flavor to their mass.  They invested an acolyte.  Mass had some elements of pre-Vatican II masses.

Dec. 4th~ Offered a free presentation on the site to visitor 34777.  Counter is at 34388.

Dec. 2nd~ Royal Rangers presentation, Douglasville, Georgia.  This presentation was at Church on the Hill, an Assembly of God church.  The presentation was a 1 1/2 hour introduction of the Armor of God for their youth group.  About 60 kids ages 5-11 were present.  The armor was a hit with the kids, as was the sleight of hand, but getting them all on their feet and practicing "I want to become a person of -Character-" simply made the night for me.  This was the first installment of the free seminar won by Rick C. 

Nov. 15th~ Lector.

Nov. 8th~ Serve at church.

Nov. 5~ One homebound and three nursing home visits for ministry.

Oct. 29th~ The church added another patient to my visitation list.  I visited her today and she is very sickly and seems to me looking into the spirit world already.  I had nursing home and home shut in visits today.

Oct. 25th~ Serve at church.

Oct. 22nd~ Vigil 1am.

Oct. 15th~ Vigil 1am.

Oct. 11th~ Serve at church.

Oct. 7th~ Guest appearance on WBPI in South Carolina.  Show airs tonight 8-10pmET and can be watched on simulcast at www.wbpi.org The show runs 24hours a day but the broadcast I will be on airs at 8 and again the following morning.

Oct. 2nd~ Homebound ministry.

Oct 1st~ Nursing home ministry.  Visited with 3 patients.  Took my friend Bob to lunch for his birthday celebration.  He turned 66 yesterday.  I had paid him a visit but was to late to take him to lunch yesterday so I sang him Happy Birthday and he exploded in a smile.

Sept 24th~ Homebound ministry, nursing home visits and ministry.

Sept 21st~ Vigil 1am.

Sept 16th~ Homebound and nursing home ministry.

Sept 21st~ Bid is won on property.  Closing expected on Oct. 19th. Location good for Bible and Awaken studies.

Sept 15th~ After looking for 7 months, found a good piece of property to invest in with CS.

Sept 10th~ 2am Vigil.

Sept 9th~ Lector workshop.  

Sept 8th~ Homebound ministry and visit and minister with 3 Nursing home patients.

Sept 6th~ Lector at church.

Sept 5-6th~ Decatur Book Festival.  Books will be on display and I will be doing a book signing and making an appearance.  Convention in Atlanta.

August 26th~ Nursing home ministry.

August 25th~ contacted to do a women's retreat. Pending

August 24th~ Vigil 1am.

August 17th~ Local winner of the free seminar offer contacts to claim prize.  Confirmed.

August 16th~ Serve at church.

August 9th~ Lector.

August 3rd~ 2 am Vigil.  Homebound ministry.

August 2nd~ Lector.

July 30th~ War Council.  Development Director and I finished the business plan read through.  Finishing touches to be added and it goes to the State.

July 27th~ Nursing home ministry.  Helped a friend in a home avoid eviction.

July 24th~ Roman Daze Meadery class #4.  Looks like future classes will be held in Buford at Tabby's.  Have been also working on fliers to announce Accolades Fencing classes to begin in August.

July 23rd~ Morning presentation for two classes of preschoolers on what it means to be a 'knight in shining armor.'  Oakgrove Children's School, 10am.

July 14th~ Two presentations today.  One will be for the Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation.  Focus will be on 'Hospitallers vs. Pirates and Sword fighting.  The presentation tonight will be for a transitional housing ministry in Decatur.  Program will relate difficulties encountered in our current day and how to fight back with the armor of God.

July 13th~ Homebound Ministry, and Nursing home ministry.

July 11th~ Helped a friend look at options in getting out of a bad loan.  Unfortunately we couldn't work anything out.

July 10th~ Take in a friend that has lost her job and place to live.  Help her move the last of her things into storage.

July 9th~ Nursing Home ministry.

July 8th~ As luck would have it, I had a chance meeting with the new religious education director of my church this afternoon while I was at the church.  I have offered to help with programs.

July 7th~ Nursing home ministry.  Had to tell one of my friends that I will not be able to help him move off site.  He tried this once before and had to be 'rescued.'  He is no longer a candidate for the home programs due to his previous failure.  I discussed this with the director of the home.  He is fine with waiting to see what the VA can arrange for him.

July 3-5th~ Visit to Caritas for the apparitions of the Blessed Mother and visit with Medjugorje visionary Marija Lunetti.

June 30th~ Awaken presentation for 'Be in Health Ministry,' Thomaston, Georgia.  Event was video taped.  I look forward to getting a copy.

June 29th~ Nursing home ministry.  Take a handicapped friend shopping.  Our collaborator in Buford is discussing ways to work with us for other funding events, i.e. the mead classes with Roman Daze Meadery.  There should be a good clientele  up there for it.  Also a much better environment to host the classes.  Returned a phone call to a woman in California.  Turns out she was at her wits end and thinking about suicide.  She had called several local churches but none called her back.  After an hour long conversation and sharing with her many scriptures, she thanked me and gave me a blessing the likes of which I haven't had in a long time.  I told her I wasn't sure which of us got more out of the call~!  She wanted God to give me half of the gifts He has given her as I am worthy and doing His work.  She felt restored after our talk.  I am sending her a new Bible as the one she has in apparently an old Douie-Rheems and she finds it hard to understand.

June 25th~ Seem to have found our first collaborator for Warrior Centers, Inc.  Tabby's in Buford.  The owner is offering us floor space to host our fencing classes.

June 24th~ Nursing home ministry.  Stopped by the church and picked up Eucharist for four families I will be with this weekend in Florida.

June 23rd~ Homebound ministry.

June 22nd~ 'Changing a Generation Opportunity Day.'  Had a short visit of about 20 minutes with the Transit Authority Police before Vicky and I were allowed to continue downtown.  One of the officers told Vicky, 'there are a lot of CRAZY people on MARTA,' and they were concerned someone would attempt to take my sword from me.  Vicky thought to tell him, 'Well, if someone did, -HE'S- the only one I know of that could get it back,' but she kept her comment to herself.   I manned a booth with 'ALPHA' State Rep.  Bill Glass Fellowship contacted us and wants to collaborate.  About 500 people at the event.  Unfortunately they were more interested in the entertainment and then the 'Feed the Children' food give away.  Made several good contacts that we believe were divine appointments.  One of the organizers, Belinda, is getting us in contact with all the churches in Georgia they work with. She was quite taken by my ministry.

June 21st~ Lector at church.  Fill in for a missing minister and served as well.

June 17th~ Had another long 'war council' with Development Director tonight.  We went over the business plan for 'Warrior Centers, Inc.' and have it just about done.

June 16th~ Had a meeting with Pace Setters today.  They have been primarily doing commercial work and want to move into non-profit.  Accolades would like to move in the other direction so we had a meeting of the minds.  It was apparent to me that they rely mostly on selling material to cover the expense of a program.

June 15th~ 'War Council' with Development Director.  We got the articles of incorporation for 'Warrior Centers, Inc' out to the Secretary of State and the advertisement in to the newspaper.  We drew up the elements for the vision statement tonight and have the motto pretty well in hand.

June 14th~ Serve at church.

June 13th~  Roman Daze Meadery Class #3~ 'Cyser.' This is the third class of four in the series of fund raisers.  The tank from the first class is almost ready for bottling.  The second class carboy has slowed activity and is ready for testing.  The classes include a history of mead, honey production and basic Apiary information, a sample recipe for the mead tasted that evening and a batch is brewed.  At the conclusion of the series an appreciation party will be scheduled to allow students to enter their own recipes for evaluation.

June 12th-14th~ Eucharistic Congress.

June 11th~ Nursing Home ministry.  Homebound ministry.  Inventoried the mead on hand and get ready for the Cyser class this weekend.  Development Director and I hold a 'War Council' until the wee hours of the morning discussing articles of incorporation.  We have a name we are tossing around for the 501 (c)~ 'Warrior Centers Inc.'  I like it.

June 10th~ Nursing Home ministry.

June 5-7th~ Convention in Chattanooga.  Ministry on the fly as it were.  Made three interesting contacts.  Had my 'Aha Moment' recorded by Mutual of Omaha.  I will get the link and supply it to the website.  The Cherry Mead was a hit with everyone.  My 'Aha moment' is ready to view!  You can view my moment by clicking this link.

June 3rd~ Vigil at the Adoration Chapel at 5pm.

June 2nd~ Pulled a late one tonight with Development Director. 

May 31st~ Lector for Pentecost mass.  Tested Ceylon Mead.  It has worked down another 1.7% since the 26th.   I anticipate it will be ready the week of the next class.

May 30th~ Mead settled and cleared.  The Cherry came out very nicely.  

May 29th~ Spent the afternoon helping a friend struggling with MS to open a new bank account.  Visited another patient at the home, Miss A.S.  She was celebrating her 103rd Birthday~!  Worked on recipe for Cherry Mead.  Tried Cherry Extract and Concentrate.  The Concentrate is better.

May 28th~ Homebound ministry.  Nursing home ministry as well.  Had a 'War Council' until 4:30am with AIM Development Director.  We laid out a plan for an association  with Restoration Lodge.  She picked up a nail in another tire~  Bottled Mead from first class for students.

May 26th~  Got a call from Development Director~ she had gotten a flat just as she pulled into her driveway.  I went over to change it for her.  Just missed the rain.  The shop is trying to tell her it was a dry rot tire...

May 23rd~ Serve at Church.

May 20th~ Attend a funeral with a friend.  A very broken and unforgiving family.  Spent the day ministering with two of them and the evening dealing with shame issues and bitterness.  the past can be a very dead weight pulling us down.

May 19th~ Meet with the Pastor of NAVO church in Decatur.  We will discuss roundtables, multi media recording, and the possibility of ongoing Fencing lessons.  We finally met after years of close contacts.  WATC re-aired the show from last night.

May 18th~  Live interview on WATC, Atlanta Live Ch. 57.  Show airs 7-9.  In addition to the live broadcast in metro-Atlanta (on Channel 57)there will be an encore presentation of the show (again on Channel 57) Tuesday morning from 7-9, and an hour excerpted from it broadcast Nationally on Direct TV's NRB at 8 AM.

May 10th~ Serve at Church.

May 8th~ Homebound ministry.

May 7th~ Homebound ministry.

May 6th~ Homebound ministry.  Visit an injured friend, spend some time with him and helped him with some errands.

May 2nd~ Fund raiser.  Roman Daze Meadery- Class #2 'Let's make Metheglin.'  Class will begin with an overview of honey production, mead history, essentials to make mead, a basic recipe, the cooking of a batch and taste testing.  We  will bottle the first classes batch for tasting and distribution to prior participants hopefully sometime this month.  The carboy is in the final stage of settling prior to bottling.

April 28th~ Homebound ministry.  Spent the day with a friend whom was injured in a bike accident.  Took him to the eye doctors for an exam and he got some new glasses.  Then I took him to the stores to get some groceries.  He has a broken wrist a separated clavicle that required surgery 10 days ago (two weeks after his accident) and three cracked ribs.  He is doing much better with the clavicle injury than I had.

April 22nd~  Homebound ministry.

April 21st~ I heard from the church today and found out one of the patients I was serving at the nursing home passed away last Friday.  She was cremated~ no viewing.  The family had asked if I could read at her funeral which is set for this Friday afternoon.  Unfortunately, I am scheduled to speak in Jackson that afternoon.  Carole was a special lady.  I believe she died of a broken heart.  That makes the second patient I have lost in just over a month~

April 15th~ Homebound ministry.

April 9th~ Serve at Church.  Holy Thursday, beginning of the Easter Triduum. Participate in the washing of the feet.  Pending- Contacted by Atlanta Live for a possible interview.  Show airs 7-9pm weekdays, WATC. 

April 8th~ Homebound ministry.  Attend a special ceremony at the Jewish Temple with a friend.  The Blessing of the Sun.  Happens once every 28 years.  Very interesting.  He asked if I would like to wear a prayer shawl and Yarmulke.  How could I resist~!  The presiding Rabbi was very informative and light hearted.  He poked fun at Jewish 'tra-Ditions.'  Spoke with him about the meaning of the Pentecost for the Jews...it is the days of counting...49 days of Omar ending with the celebration commemorating the giving of the Torah to Moses.

April 7th~ Seder Supper at church.  Short vigil fill-in for a volunteer that left early.

April 6th~ Development Director will speak before Women's Group of Corpus Christi Catholic Church.  Attend 9th session at Archdiocese on Catholicism 101 with a friend.  She enjoyed tonight's class on the Liturgical Year.

April 5th~ Lector at church.  Palm Sunday. Get palms for shut ins.

April 2nd~ Vigil 1am.

April 1~ Meet with Executive Director and CEO of VISION UNLIMITED to discuss a working relationship.  Meeting went very  favorably.  They would like a 4 day a week, 7 week summer program for underprivileged kids of the inner city.  Works are in place for a program for their staff and a future retreat sometime in August.

March 30th~ Attend study class with a friend at the Archdiocese.

March 23rd~ Homebound ministry.

March 18th~ Bring the sacrament to shut in.

March 17th~ Saint Paddy's Day~  Nursing home visits (3).  Take on a new assignment.  Brought a power adapter for a resident so he could use his wireless headset and watch TV.  He was tickled.

March 16th~ Attend study class with a friend at the Archdiocese.  Subject 'The Papacy.'  Nursing home visits.  Help a friend with banking matters to help him save money.

March 15th~ Pick up new wheelchair for friend in nursing home.  He wants me to keep it to bring with me when I visit with him.  It is much more compact than the chair he has with the big wheels.  Check in on three residents at the nursing home.  Confirmed J.V. had passed away quietly in her sleep.  Helped a friend in checking on some properties. She is attempting to get into a better financial situation and it seems buying a house is a good move for her.  Through prompting, she has recently found her credit report had several errors on it and she has easily cleaned them up, much to her glee.

March 14th~ Counsel a friend on personal matters.  He is suffering from a broken relationship.  Many boundary and trust issues in play.

March 13th~ Help a friend of mine look for an electric wheelchair.  The merchant no longer carries them.  However, we score on a new push chair for him for free.   On his behalf, I spoke with his credit agency to get his account properly set up to clear charges and got him a new electric shaver and TV for him.  His MS makes it difficult and dangerous for him to use a blade. Set up his new TV for him.  Attend the charity fish fry at church.

March 12th~ Vigil 1 am.

March 11th~ Homebound ministry, shut in visits and ministry.  Reconciliation service at 7.  Found out one of my shut-ins has passed away.  Checked out a book on the Holy Spirit for a friend of mine I have recognized as being led by the Spirit in seeking information.

March 9th~ Attend study class with a friend at the Archdiocese.  Subject Mary~ the Queen Mother of the Family of Faithful.

March 8th~ Finally attend church in my kit after a long recuperation.   Several people expressed pleasure at seeing me well again.

March 7th~ First fundraiser.  Roman Daze Meadery--  'What -IS- this thing called Mead.'  Class attendance was lower than anticipated from responses, but the class was very well received.  Class covered a history of mead, the production of honey, mead making essentials, a basic mead recipe, taste testing of two home made batches and one commercial, and the brewing of a batch.  Next class announced for May 2nd.

March 2nd~ 2am Vigil.  Attend study class with a friend at the Archdiocese.

March 1st~ Serve at church.  Study the mass with a friend.  A dear friend told me in conversation today that she felt she was on the apex of finding her mission in life.  She told me she felt a change in the direction of her study when I told the to believe in her perceptions.

Feb. 25th~ Serve at church.  Lector.  Homebound ministry..

Feb. 23~ Homebound ministry.  Attend study class with a friend at the Archdiocese.  Had an inquiry about the seminar from the Philippines.

Feb. 22nd~ Serve at Mass.  Complete the fourth chapter of the Study with a friend.  Took us a couple of hours to complete it.  She asks great question.  Very insightful.

Feb. 17th~ Development Director came over tonight and presented the first installment of the new Workbook/Training manual layout. Looks good.  We cleaned up the scripture corrections from the index and made several changes to the text and began working on the new edits in the workbook.  I turned over to her the recordings from the last mission trip and we will begin cleaning up the audio for producing an audio cd.  We struck upon a new venture.  We are going to work on a fully referenced and annotated study Bible keyed for the message.  As I have a Bible I have just put the references in, I can see the use for it.  We will be expanding the study for the Bible cross references.

Feb. 16th~ Attend study class with a friend at the Archdiocese.

Feb. 13th~ Homebound and nursing home ministry.

Feb. 10th~ Vigil 12-1am.

Feb. 9th~ Attend study class with a friend at the Archdiocese.

Feb. 5th~ Nursing home ministry.

Feb. 2nd~ Attend study class with a friend at the Archdiocese.  This study is an introduction to Catholicism  and I am assisting her on her spiritual journey.

Feb. 1st~ Minister to a friend that has lost a job.

Jan. 28th~ Shut in homebound  ministry.  Move and set up computer in Directors new abode.

Jan. 26th~ Help a friend move into new housing.  Winner of recent Free Seminar and e-book go unclaimed.  New winner numbers posted.  Console a friend that has lost a job today. 

Jan. 23-25th~ Attend Literary Convention in Chattanooga.  Host a fencing demonstration and a panel on 'Mythology and Mythical Beings.'  Discuss new goals with Development Director.  She is surprised to find that her new location places her within 2 miles of the East Lake Community development area.  They are looking for after school programs.

Jan. 22nd~  Lay out schedule for a series of fund raisers with Development Director.  Roman Daze Meadery to hold a series of mead making classes.  Contacted 'Tabby's' about hosting the classes there.

Jan. 21st~ Help a friend move into transitional housing.  Work on fleshing out marketing outline with Development Director.

Jan. 20th~ Visit 3 patients at nursing home. Shut in Ministry.

Jan. 19th~ Vigil at church 12-2am.

Jan. 18th~ Lector at church.

Jan. 17th~ Bring a friend home from the hospital.  Director showed me work plan layout and some new ideas for the website.  A general reformat is coming.

Jan. 16th~ Hospital visit.  Move computer components into a workspace for Director.

Jan. 15th~ Hospital visit.  Homebound ministry.

Jan. 14th~ Hospital visit.

Jan. 13th~ Hospital visit.  Homebound ministry.

Jan. 12th~ Homebound ministry, hospital visit.

Jan. 11th~ My Birthday.  Serve at church.  Hospital visit.

Jan. 10th~ Hospital visit.  Vigil 12am-2am.  Fill in for an injured volunteer.

Jan. 8th~ Hospital visit.

Jan. 7th~ Hospital visit.

Jan. 6th~ Hospital visit.

Jan. 5th~ Take friend to hospital and visit.

Jan. 3rd~ Battle Plan Session with Director.  We got most of our ideas on paper tonight and she began formulating our next fund raising schedule and campaign.

Jan. 1st~ Help Director find new lodging.

January~ Early January is the target launch date for the opening of Men and Maidens of Mettle and Merit, and Decatur Blades.  Classes forming.


Dec. 31st~ Welcome Aim West Coast Ministry Director to Georgia.

Dec. 28~ Serve at church.

Dec. 21st~ Lector at Church.

Dec. 20th~ Nursing home ministry, delivery of flowers for several patient residents.  Shut in ministry.

Dec. 18th~ Homebound ministry.

Dec. 11th~ Homebound ministry.

Dec. 8th~ Winner of free seminar goes to M.J. in Loves Park, Illinois.

Nov. 29th~ Winner of ebook #29400 in Australia.  The winner happens to also be a member of the Awaken Yahoo Group.

Nov. 20th~ 1am vigil.

Nov. 19th~ 'Magic and Judaism' at Temple.

Nov. 18th~ Homebound ministry.

Nov. 16th~  Serve at church.

Nov. 13th~ Homebound ministry.  Phone counseling.  A personal friend in California won the free ebook today.  Donated it to a family member of hers.  Congratulations Virginia in Hanford~!

Nov. 12th~ 'Magic and Judaism' at Temple.  Today we discussed the medieval practice of writing amulets.  Very interesting.  Art Z. and I each performed a magical feat for the pleasure of everyone before class began.

Nov. 11th~ Personal consulting.  Signet turns up on the floor of my bedroom this evening next to my socks drawer.  I could not have overlooked it for three days.  Thank you St. Anthony~!

Nov. 10th~  Vigil, 12 am.  Called church and no one had turned in the ring.  Searched the parking area and entrance.  Mom suggested a novena to St. Anthony.

Nov. 9th~ Live Chat online, 11pm EDT.  Lector.  Lost family signet ring at church.

Nov. 6h~ Homebound ministry.

Nov. 5th~ Scripture study.  Begin 'Magic and Judaism' class at Temple.  Today's session dealt with definitions.  I will discuss with the Rabbi doing a few magic tricks for them next two classes before we begin.

Nov. 4th~ Minister with a friend.

Nov. 3rd~ Write correspondence to inmate in California.

Oct. 28th~ Lector training session.

Oct. 26th~ Serve at church.  

Oct. 22nd~ Homebound ministry.

Oct. 21st~ 2am Vigil.

Oct. 12th~  Serve at church.        While having a donut after Mass, I was approached by a woman who participates with the Charismatic prayer group on Monday nights at the church.  She approached me regarding a gentleman  named Valentine that had moved here to America in following a calling from the Holy Spirit.  He left behind his family and his fiancée to follow this calling, has been here now some 6 months and is wondering what he is doing here as -the Holy Spirit isn't as on fire in people here as in Nigeria.-  She asked if she could pass on my contact information to him and I gladly gave her a card.  If I can make their meeting tomorrow night, I will go to meet him.            Spoke with two other acquaintances at the church about the political and economical situation gripping the country.  One of them is suffering from the recent loss of her sister and three days later one of her sister's siblings, her niece.  She attended the new grief counseling class at the church last week.  We talked about grief and dealing with the loss of loved ones.

Oct. 11th~ Phone counseling.  People in a panic about the stock market and have to stop panic selling.  A sell-out now guarantees a lose unless the investments are rolled over into strong blue chips at a historic low currently.        Met with the Artistic Director of the dance studio in Decatur tonight.  He has several names for prospective fencing students and we are planning on a launch date for the classes of Jan. 5th.  I will begin contacting my old students and request the class outlines from West Coast Ministry Director~ V.W.   It appears the current Solarium will be unoccupied by the first of the year with the opening of the new dance studio, so I may have three days to schedule classes initially.

Oct. 10th~ Phone counseling.  Many people are having to reorganize their lives due to current world events.

Oct. 8th~ Correspond with a ward in California concerning his  release date and provide him with Social Security information he is needing.  My letter is a little overdue I am afraid, but with all the activity around her of late, I misplaced his letter.  Sent him some pictures along with the letter.        Phone counseling.

Oct. 7th~ Nursing home ministry.   Took a friend/patient to dinner.  Discussed with him options for moving; or not.

Oct. 6th~ Phone counseling.   The current economic market is causing a lot of distress among people caught invested in the market.

Oct. 5th~  Lector Corpus Christi.        Complete section 'Belt of Truth' in Training for God's Army.  Flesh out MM program with West Coast Director.

Oct. 3rd~ Winner of the book goes to V.W....West Coast Ministry Director of AIM~!  (soon to be Ministry Director~ Home Office~)

Oct. 2nd~ Nursing home visit.  Have to convince a patient that a move is not in their best interest considering their condition.         Met at 'Bev's Place' to complete 'Heels and Hose' Part II of Training for God's Army.  Contacted local dance studio about space to conduct Fencing and Martial Combat classes.  Looks good for initial classes.  New facility is expected to be open in January.

Sept. 30th~ Homebound ministry today.    Lector training class tonight.

Sept. 29th~ Lector training class.

Sept. 28th~ Lector, Corpus Christi.

Sept. 25th~ Take a friend to the hospital for surgery.  Wait for family to arrive for daycare.

Sept. 24th~ Midnight Vigil.

Sept. 17th~ Hospital Visit.  Care Center visit.

Sept. 16th~ Hospital visit.

Sept. 14th~ Serve at Church.            Met with founder of 'Youth for Humanity.' Discussed partnership with AIM and my role in working with the kids and mission trips.  Offered Vice President position.  Will finish looking over the proposal for grants and meet with founder and chairman later this coming week.                 Hospital visit.

Sept. 13th~ Hospital visit.             

Sept. 12th~ Hospital visit.                Had a conversation with the Executive Director of Match 2 Mentoring this evening about her tendered resignation with that organization effective Dec. 15th '08.  She has made the decision that the indecision on the part of Cal. legislature to finalize their budget has made continued work with M2  untenable.  As AIM west coat ministry director, she is looking forward to moving to Georgia effective Christmas '08 and working with me to launch AIM in a new direction next year.  She brings with her the administrative expertise I don't have.  Looks to be an exciting year coming for AIM.

Sept. 11th~ Provided transportation for a friend to the doctors.  Offered hospitality until room at hospital was prepared.  Check in at hospital 10:30 pm.

Sept. 9th~ Invited to partnership with 'Youth for Humanity.'  Will help with overseas mission trips and working with the kids prior to the trip.

Sept. 8th~ Spoke with AIM West Coast Ministry Director about her possibly relocating to Georgia.  California is into its 70th day without a budget and M2 is suffering to the point of closing its doors.  While the money is approved and the contract still stands for 2 more years, they can not operate without the funds in hand.  I believe the STATE is trying to balance the budget on the backs of the non-profit contracts.

Sept. 7th~ Bible study with a seeker of truth.  Topics of discussion ranged from life after death, judgment, divinity of Christ, transubstantiation of the bread and wine.

Sept. 4th~ Homebound ministry.

Sept. 2~  Received an invitation to speak at a Crusade being sponsored by a local church in Stone Mountain.  Oct. 25th~

August 29~ Confirmed winner of a free seminar~ goes to N. M of Snellville~ Locally no less~!  Interesting cross connections with this church from the past.

August 28-Sept 1st~ DCon.  I will not be speaking this year.  I will be making an appearance and working the crowd principally.  Lot's of meeting and elbow-rubbing. I feel I am again 'fit for service.'

August 26th~ Received invite to travel to Rwanda and teach the Awaken message.  Pending.    Contacted by a pastor in Texas for workbook materials.  Sent offer for seminar after Christmas.

August 25th~  Session on Spiritual Warfare: Understanding attacks and the theatre.

August 23rd~ Visitor #27250 wins a free personalized book~!  Congratulations to my personal friend D.L. in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

August 20th~ Received invitation to travel to Pakistan and teach the Awaken message.  Pending.

August 18th~ Homebound ministry.  Noon Vigil.

August 17th~ Lector morning mass.  Training for Gods Army.  Conclude Part I Section III today.  

August 12th~ Homebound ministry.

August 11th~ 2-4am Vigil.  Phone counseling.

August10th~ Serve at church.  Section II of the 'Training for God's Army.'  Request for a presentation comes in from California~ a private presentation given as a gift. 

August 7th~ Winner of free seminar, J. R. in Montgomery, Texas.

August 4th~ Homebound ministry.  Phone counseling.  2am vigil.

August 3rd~ Second session of 'Training for God's Army' study in Stone Mountain, Georgia.  Section III, and Topic 2-Section 1, Spiritual Warfare and introduction to Archetypes. 5 1/2 hours.

August 1st~ Start 'Training for God's Army' study in Stone Mountain, Georgia.  First session, Topic I Perceptions, Sections I & II World Views and Perceptions of the Bible and God.  4 hours.

July 31st~ Received Birth Certificate from New York.  Will forward on to St. Joan of Arc to correct my baptism records for submission to Knights of Malta.

July 29th~ Lector training class.

July 27th~ Lector morning mass.  Counsel grieving friend.

July 26th~ Personal ministry with a friend having spiritual visions.

July 24th~ Homebound ministry.

July 23rd~ Contacted Bureau of Vital Statistics in New York and ordered a new copy of my birth certificate to correct the error in my Baptismal records at St. Joan of Arc.

July 20th~ Lector at morning and evening youth masses, Corpus Christi. Live online chat 11pm.  Free book won by M.G., Modena, NY.  Free seminars won in United Kingdom and by military personnel stationed in Sout West Asia.  Contacted both.  Chaplainry will have to help getting to military base.

July 17th~ Vigil 1-2am.

July 16th~ Homebound ministry.

July 15th~ Live online chat, 3am & 12pm.  Adoration Chapel Vigil, 1-3am.  Visit shut-in and help find new accommodations.  

July 14th~ Shut in Ministry.  Discuss what help I may render to find new accommodations for a friend.

July 13th~ Eucharistic Minister morning mass, Corpus Christi.  Live online chat, 11pm.

July 11th~ Homebound Ministry.

July 10th~ Certificate of Baptism arrives today.  Had finally tracked it down to St. Joan of Arc in Jackson  Heights.  Only one problem...the month of my birth was mis-recorded... I need the certificate of Confirmation and Baptism for application to Knights of Malta.

July 8th~ Homebound Ministry.

July 7th~ Adoration Chapel Vigil 2am.  Corpus Christi Youth Group....SWARM~ 'Successful Winners Achieving Remarkable Milestones.'  We will look at a bee hive and compare it to lessons of life.  What can we learn from the way bees live?  Online live chat 12am.

July 5th~ Certificates of Communion and Confirmation arrive at long last.  I have been after these for 8 months.

July 2nd~ Live online Chat 9pm.  Chat feature has been added to the website for continued use.

July 1st~ Free seminar goes unclaimed.  Repost new winning number.

June 30th~ Arm is well enough to resume home ministry! Will call for an assignment tomorrow.  Within the last 30 days, AIM has had hits from:  

  United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Malaysia, Philippines, Netherlands, Cambodia, South Africa, South Korea, Nigeria, India, France, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Taiwan, Norway, Turkey, Serbia, Japan, Greece, Germany, Bahrain, Singapore, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Uganda.

Other hits from Ivory Coast, Hawaii, Ireland, Scotland, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Newfoundland, Thailand and New Guinea have also been recorded.  Thanks everyone for visiting the site and tell your friends~!  If porn sites can get millions of hits a day, let's raise interest in the work of God~!

June 29th~ Lector at morning and youth masses, Corpus Christi.  In speaking with Deacon Ken, I found out he is very active with Federal Prison Ministry for the State of Georgia and knows well one of the directors of State and local level ministries.  I volunteered to help in any way I can and look forward to the opportunity to work with both State and Federal level institutions.

June 25th~  Met with Orthopedic Surgeon today.  Arm removed from sling, but am on 6 week recuperation.  No weights.

June 22nd~ Lector Corpus Christi.

June 15th~ Lector Corpus Christi.

June 14th~ Virginia trip.  Wedding of eldest Godson.

June 12th~ Winner claims free book on website.  I happen to know the winner and she had me send the book to her nephew in California.

June 8th~ Filling in at the youth mass as Lector, Corpus Christi Catholic Church.  Met Deacon Ken.

May 29th~ Doctor's appointment didn't give me the news I wanted to hear.  Gonna be laid up another 4 weeks.

May 28th~ Orthopedic Surgeon appointment today.  Hope to get the all clear on the broken clavicle.

May 27th~ Present speaking technique program to Lectors class.  Focus will be on understanding the written form of the material to be proclaimed and placing emphasis on the key phrase.

May 23rd~ No claim on Free seminar~ reposting the offer and adding a book give away.

May 21st~ Free seminar visitor hits the site, no immediate claim.

April 29th~ Missed this evening Lector speaking class  due to an  Accident today~ hospitalized~  displaced fracture left clavicle~ I am out of commission for up to 6 weeks~!

April 28th~ Homebound ministry.

April 27th~ Lector Corpus Christi.  Spoke with Youth Director about the SWARM and my projected program.

April 21st~ 2am Vigil.

April 18th~ Ministry with homebound.

April 13th~ Helped a 'damsel in distress.'

April 12th~  Drove a friend cross town to get a rental car and secure her stranded vehicle.

April 11th~ Help a 'damsel in distress.'  A friends car  broke down  some 30 miles out of town and she needed a ride.

April 8th~ Ministry with homebound.

April 7th~ 2am Vigil.

April 2-6th~   Smoky Mountain Star Party.  Presenting Mythology talks. Books for sale.

March 27th~ Visit a friend in a convalescent home, and help out a stranded friend.

March 25th~ Lectors speaking class.

March 20th~ Homebound Ministry and visits.

March 18th~  I was contacted by St. Ignatius in Brooklyn.  They haven't found my records yet, but are now looking.  Celebrated a Seder Supper tonight with a new friend at church, C.R., and a visiting friend, A.D.  She had a scare this afternoon with a chocking incident of her child on crumb of food at school.  She needed to chill tonight.

March 17th~  Work of Charity, and homebound ministry.

March 16th~  Serve at church.  Lector for the Passion.

March 13th~ I was contacted by St. Ignatius in NY and told they didn't have my records.  They directed me to St. Ignatius in Brooklyn.  I sent out the letter to them today.  This will be my third attempt to get my records.

March 10th~ Vigil at Chapel.  Hospital Visit.

March 9th~ Work of Charity.  Hospital Visit.  One of the gentlemen, Rick,  I met this afternoon died this evening from a coughing fit.  He was fighting the effects of Agent Orange and died of emphysema.

March 8th~ Minister to homebound.

March 7th~ Minister to homebound.  Winner of free seminar #22500 not claimed.  Giveaway reset.

March 5th~ Hospital visit.

Feb. 27th~ Minister to homebound.

Feb. 26th~ Vigil at Chapel.

Feb. 24th~ Serve at Church.

Feb. 10th~ Minister to homebound.

Feb. 9th~ Catechism retreat with Corpus Christi Catholic Church.  I will be speaking on becoming soldiers for Christ, what this means and how do we put Christ on.

Feb. 4th~ Vigil at chapel.

Feb. 3rd~ Serve at church, minister to hospitalized.

Feb. 2nd~ Minister to homebound.

Jan. 31st~  Minister to shut-in at nursing home.

Jan. 25-27th~ Breaking new ground with Chattacon, Chattanooga, Tennessee. This is a literary convention, and I will be speaking at this event.  3 Panels confirmed, books available.  One panel was for discussion on the religious implications of 'The Golden Compass.'  Performed a dueling exhibition with the help of two friends.  We treated attendees to Schlager as well as Epee' duels.

Jan. 19th~ Lector, Corpus Christi Catholic Church.  Help a homeless man return home.  Present a private presentation of 'Awaken.'

Jan. 18th~  Help the homeless downtown.

Jan. 16th~ Minister to sick homebound.  Feed a recent parolee. Help an indigent with a ride to the stores.  Feed the homeless.

Jan. 13th~ Eucharistic Minister Corpus Christi Catholic Church.  Home visitation for shut-ins.

Jan. 7th~ Minister to Sick, homebound.



Dec. 30th~ Share Communion with 5 homebound.

Dec. 29th~ Counseling with a friend needing spiritual guidance and centering.

Dec. 27th~ Mass in remembrance of my brother Rick.  Today would have been his 62nd birthday.  Home ministry.

Dec. 21st~  Met with another Eucharistic Minister from church and she introduced me to two homebound women from British Guiana.  Accept third assignment.  Work around a screw and nail in one of my tires and Minister to the sick- institutionalized.

Dec. 19th~ Minister to the sick, homebound.

Dec. 16th~ Lector, Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

Dec. 14th~ Phone counseling.

Dec. 13th~  Minister to the Sick, homebound.

Dec. 12th~ Accept second assignment~ Minister to the sick, institutionalized.

Dec. 9th~ Lector, Corpus Christi Catholic Church.  Accept first assignment~ Minister to the sick, homebound.

Dec. 6th~ Phone counseling.

Nov. 30th~ Website access finally re-established.

Nov. 29th~ Winner Fee/free seminar to visitor #20000, D. Brennan

Nov. 28th~ Training and Certification to become a Communion Minister/Archdiocese Atlanta.

Nov. 27th~ Lector Proclamation  Training. 

Nov. 21st~ Phone counseling. 

Nov. 18th~ Lector, Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

Nov. 11th~ Lector, Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

Nov. 11-14th~  Attending Parish Retreat hosted by Father Friedel at Corpus Christ Catholic Church, Stone Mountain, Ga.  This will be a timely event as he assured us that the topic will be 'Pespective.'

Nov. 10~ Attend and speak at 'Securing Your Future Writer’s Workshop' in Lawrenceville, Ga.  I will have a booth set up for book sales and will be the keynote speaker for the event.  I'll be speaking about the work of AIM and the pitfalls and options faced with the process of getting published.

Nov. 7th~ 'Awaken the Warrior' is 5 years old today.  Website is fixed and functioning again.

Nov. 5th~ Checked and website supposedly fixed, but still not working.

Nov. 2nd~  Website still inoperable.  Service provider thought they had fixed it.

Oct. 29th~ Life in the Spirit Seminar, Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

Oct. 27th~ Phone counseling.

Oct. 26-28th~ Hallowcon.  Breaking new ground in Chattanooga.  First time at this event. This will be an opportunity to meet organizers and staff.

Oct. 22nd~ Life in the Spirit Seminar, Corpus Christi Catholic Church.  Two of the new Spirit filled group members assisted me with laying on hands to pray for the third member, Henry, who wants the evidence of tongues.

Oct. 21st~ WEBSITE MALFUNCTION~ Apparently hackers attacked the site and broke my links to allow me access and disabled the site.  I have begun tracking the problem and spoken with my service provider.  This on the eve of a seminar and book giveaway.

Sunday, Oct. 21st~  Fly back to Atlanta.  Had some very interesting meetings in the airport and on the flight.  Wayne J. won a book and Kim F. won a Heaven Cent.  This was one busy week~!  All told I had some 20 hours sleep all week~!

Thanks for not losing my baggage!                                  Last hug of the trip with a parking attendant!

Now~ I know we brought the Fire of the Holy Spirit down, but this was something else~!

Fun on the plane with Gail of Chattanooga

Sat, Oct. 20th~  So much for a 'Day of relaxation.'  Nikkie P and her daughter Alicia visited with us in the morning. We had a visit from Joe S. from Fresno.  He came up to discuss with me some spiritual matters, and ask for some prayer.  He feels led to work with my ministry.  He spent 2 years in formation for an Order.  Chaplain Rodney came by in the afternoon and he and I shared a good amount of time together.  He shared with me several prophecies others had they felt concerned me.  I believe the prophecies and visions foretell of a return visit next year in the mountains at St. Anthony's.  They all seem to indicate it.

Fri, Oct. 19th~ Got clearance to get into yard #5 of Avenal today, 11:30am.  This was a powerful meeting with many attendees asking for imposition of hands.  One of the wards, Michael, stood in for me today in the armor.  He was a solid 6'3", 230lbs, and he couldn't stand at attention and salute for more than 1 minute.  He wore the gear most the entire presentation and upon removal of the helmet, he looked like a new man.  Very meek.  Everyone commented on it.  He said he would never forget the experience.  The last encounter I had upon leaving the yard was a False Prophet that wanted to berate the teaching from a Bible that had some 20,000 errors in it.  I stood with him in every fact he stated, but pointed him to the folly of his argument by the essential truth of the Word.  I would have loved to have shredded him with his own argument, but the guards called us from the yard.  Tonight was a wonderful BBQ with friends and family of host Victoria Walters.  Most of these people I will have met by now from previous visits.  Some 30 people in attendance.   This was a relaxing night out of the kit.  Gonna get to sleep in some tonight as tomorrow is said to be free.  Several people showed up only momentarily to share with me visions, and prophecies they had for me.  Kima and Rhonda asked for special prayers.  One of the ladies that had participated in the Mission had been told by me to be watching for an eminent attack of the enemy, and last night she discovered a sudden lump in her breast.  I believe it to be a ruse of the enemy to daunt her.

Thur, Oct. 18th~  Managed to get into yard #6 of Avenal today. Amazing turnout. Appearance at Hanford Street Market.  Ran into many people I met at the church.  Daniel Croakly was there in all his innocence, dancing up a storm to the music.  Several people met with us and walked the streets with me while I shared with the people of Hanford. 

Daniel opens his Lemonade stand next week~!                New Buddies Tony and Joe

Two of the many wonderful women of Hanford~ Jenny and Nickie

Wed, Oct. 17th~ St. Rose McCarthy School Assembly 9:15.  Huge crowd of kids~!  11:30 Yard #4 visit at Avenal State Prison.  This will be the first time, I believe, that I will have addressed an entire facility~! Squeezed in another CCD class at McCarthy School this afternoon at 4:15.  Another huge assembly.  Tonight will be the conclusion of the Parish Mission at St. Brigid's Catholic Church, Hanford, Cal. 7-9PM.  The Helmet of Salvation, Shield of Faith and Sword of the Word will be covered.  Questions entertained.    Many people stayed after to ask for prayer, testify to healings last night, several saw angels in the Sanctuary, some claimed their children were coming back to the church.  Many expressed thanks for having their spiritual eyes opened and they were able to understand the spiritual defeats they had been claiming.  This was perhaps the true test of my spiritual stamina.  Very long day, but it flew by and I was amazingly alive after the last session.  We were in the Sanctuary until about 11-11:30 tonight praying with people, taking pictures and sharing testimonies. 

Tue, Oct. 16th~ Avenal State Prison yard #4, 9am.  Chaplain Rodney pulled me aside and testified that he had been awakened 2:30 in the morning and was up all morning studying scriptures as he was led to them by the Holy Spirit.  He was deeply impressed by the events of yesterday in yards #3 and #2.  He put a fire under those he needed to get authority from to get me into the remaining yards at the end of the week.  This afternoon was a visit to St. Rose McCarthy School (Catechism Class) 4:15pm. 

One of the classes

Got them all worked up~!

Principal of McCarthy and Father Mike

 This evening was the second installment of 'Awaken' at  St. Brigid's Catholic Church, Hanford, Cal., 7-9PMThis second installment will cover the armor of the Feet- the Preparedness of Peace, the Belt of Truth and the Breastplate of Salvation.  Questions were entertained.  Permission was granted to stay in the church as long as people were requesting prayers and discernment.  Many spiritual gifts were evident today.  Many attendees mentioned they had profound dreams last night concerning spiritual battles in their life they had not been aware of.  Many people came forward to have prayers for healings for physical, mental and emotional wounds.  The Gift of Laughter was used to dispel depression and several people claimed healings.  Another long night.

Mon, Oct. 15~ Arrive at Avenal State Prison at 8:30am.  Two 'Awaken' programs at 11:30am for yard #3, and 2pm for yard #2.  Several of the wards attested that their spiritual eyes had been opened.  Tonight was the first installment of 'Awaken' at St. Brigid's Catholic Church,  Hanford, California, 7-9PM.   This will be the first Parish Mission hosted in the Archdiocese of Fresno by A.I.M.   The first session  discussion of Spiritual warfare included the need for the armor, how the enemy has attacked us and battle damage.  Questions were entertained.  A number of people came up afterwards with specific prayer requests for healing and discernment.  We had a professional photographer offer to shoot pictures during the mission.  They will be nice to have.  Very little rest tonight.

Oct. 15-17th~ St. Brigid's Catholic Church, Hanford Cal.  This church recently concluded a study of 'Awaken the Warrior' and will be hosting an 'Awaken' seminar. This seminar was won by V. Walters. Calling it a Parish Mission, the  Seminar will run three consecutive nights from 7-9pm in the main sanctuary of St. Brigid's church in Hanford. 

Sanctuary Display


Sun, Oct.  14th~ St. Brigid's Catholic Church, Hanford, Cal.  Announcements for the Parish Mission at 7am, 8:30am, 10am, and 11:30am masses.  We had a table will be set up in front of the church for meet and greet and book sales. 7pm this evening I presented a program for the St. Brigid's Youth Group.  Again a very sleepless night.

       Julie and 2month old Miro Anton Giacomazzi                                                   Rebecca finds a buddy


Sat, Oct. 13th~ Mass~ St. Brigid's Catholic Church, Hanford, Cal.  6pm. Set up a table outside the church to meet and greet people and have books available for purchase.  Announced the Parish Mission after Communion.  Vigil in the Adoration Chapel 11pm-12am.  Very little sleep last night.

Friday, Oct. 12th~ Fly out to Los Angeles.  This will be the beginning of a ten day Parish Mission and Crusade.   These two ladies watched me board our flight and were amazed I got through security.  This is Heather and Christie at baggage claim in LA.

This evening will be a Chapel service at STARK maximum security State Prison in Chino, California, 7-9pm.  This will be a return visit.  The last time I was there, a riot caused the canceling of the presentation.  I remembered many of the Wards and they were thrilled to have me back.  They all took responsibility for their actions and are prepared to meet new goals upon release.  Unfortunately, for security reasons, this is the only picture of a State Facility I am allowed to take.

As an interesting aside~ I am convinced that Vicky and I averted a Death Trap this night as had we not done this program at STARK, we would have been involved in the fatal accident on Route 5 tonight.  God's hand was on us from the get-go~!

This was a 20 hour day for me.  Some 12 hours in the armor with a few hours break between runs.

Oct. 12-21st~  Parish Mission and Crusade.

Oct. 9th~ 6-9pm.  Individual meetings with members of my group from the 'Life in the Spirit' seminar.  They are ready for the imposition of hands this coming Monday night.  I am sorry I will miss that night~!  Updated the website tonight.

Oct. 8th~ Life in the Spirit Seminar, Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

Oct. 7th~ Lector, Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Stone Mountain, Ga.

Oct. 1st~ Life in the Spirit Seminar, Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

Sept. 30th~ Return home to Atlanta.  Had many divine appointments in the airport coming home.  The trip was complete with lost baggage and -that- led to an amazing meeting with the Delta Baggage Claim Agents...

UH~HUH~  and he knew -all about- the armor~!

Me and my new buddy Daniel~!

Sept. 29th~  Another full day.  Great speakers and a good time~

Me with COPE Executive Director, Fauhn Shierer.

The President of COPE~ Mr. Johnny Moffitt, me and speaker Rocco Morelli.

Sept. 28th~ V. Walters and I took the day off from the COPE Conference and  Drove down to Lighthouse Church in Granbury for their Fellowship Conference.  Only one person new we were coming as we wanted to surprise everyone.  Little did we know what we were in for.  V. Walters had a cousin and his wife down from Arkansas, Pastor Sanchez was tremendously surprised, and Dr. Alexander was up from Africa to make it that much more a delight.  Archbishop Barkman was working across the street and a surprise visit to him was equally enjoyable.

Archbishop Barkman                                            Pastor Sanchez

Pastor Judy and Connie                                    Tim and Connie

A ticklish Dr. Alexander~ visiting from Africa

Sept. 27th~ First full day at COPE Conference.  They kept us busy from 8am until 10:30 with speakers and workshops, fellowship and praise and worship.

                                                                            The COPE Booth

                    Attendance was good.  This is one back corner view.

I had a surprise visit from a regular AIM ministry visitor~ Rick Vasquez~  Hello Rick~  it was a pleasure to meet you~


Sept. 26th~ Arrive in Dallas and set up booth for the Conference.

Vicky and I get prepared.

Accolade Booth display.

A quick 'Pick-me-up' at baggage claims in Dallas.  She didn't speak any English nor did the fellows she was with, but she wanted a picture, and boy did she enjoy striking a pose~!


Sept. 26-30th~ COPE International Conference, Dallas, Texas.  The event will have over 250 pastors from around the world in attendance.  There will be keynote speakers for the three days of the conference running from 9am-7pm daily.   I will be meeting with Accolade's West Coast Coordinator, Victoria Walters, in Dallas and the two of us will be manning a booth throughout the duration of the conference to share information about the ministries services.  More information may be found at www.CopeConnections.org .  COPE is an acronym for Coalition of Prison Evangelists.  This will be my fourth year as a member of COPE.

Sept. 24th~ Life in the Spirit Seminar, Corpus Christi Catholic Church.  The subject this week is Salvation.

Sept. 23rd~ Lector Corpus Christi.

Sept. 20th~ Lector training session, Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

Sept. 17th~  Life in the Spirit Seminar, Corpus Christi Catholic Church.  We had some 60 registrants for the Seminar.  Not all of them are expected to continue the Seminar.  The three things brought out from my group are 1) seeking more information about our Christian life, 2) seeking a closer relationship with God, and 3) wanting to learn how to unlock the gifts of the Spirit thru the Baptism in ones life.  Tonight was the first session and served as an introduction.

Sept. 16th~ Lector Corpus Christ.

Sept. 14th~ Winner of the free seminar didn't claim it. Will repost a new number for the offering.

Sept. 12th~ Facilitator meeting for Life in the Spirit Seminar, Corpus Christi Catholic Church.  The Life in the Spirit seminar is to educate and enrich the lives of the participants by teaching them about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit (the Baptism of Fire or the Baptism of Christ), and bring them into a closer relationship with the Father.

Sept. 9th~ Lector Corpus Christi.

August 31-Sept. 3rd~ Convention appearance, Atlanta.  This event most typically consists of meeting people where they are in life, some call this street evangelization.  I facilitate sharing the message with the use of sleight of hand magic.

                      Rabbigail getting her 'licks' in~                                               Meeting an friends of many years~ Neysa & Rabbigail.



August 25th~ Meet with the director of Danei Production Studio.  We discussed the upcoming projects and set a tentative time schedule for the first rough transcript.  We hope to begin shooting video as early as the beginning of winter.  Plans are in the works for the building of a new studio for DPS.  With that done, video shoots will be much easier to accomplish.

August 22nd~  Leadership Conference, Lions of Judah, Stone Mountain, Georgia.  'The Three P's of Leadership.'

August 21st~ Winner of book goes to visitor 18000~ Ms. A. Davilla, Georgia.

August 19th~ Lector, Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

August 18th~  Mythology presentation, Mansfield, Ga. at the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Management Center.

August 15th~ Holy Day of Obligation.   Leadership Conference, Lions of Judah, Stone Mountain, Georgia.

August 12th~ Lector, Corpus Christi Catholic Church.  

August 8th~ Leadership Conference, Lions of Judah, Stone Mountain, Georgia.

August 3rd~ Private 2 hr. presentation of the Awaken message, Stone Mountain, Ga.

July 22-26th~ Hospital visits.

July 17th~ Work of Charity.

July 10th~ Tom Danei, the President of Danei Production Company, came by today and we viewed the promotional DVD we had collaborated on.  It looked fine with the exception of my name being misspelled. We discussed a series of presentations on DVD and instructional material we can shoot for the training manual and online use.  While he understood the need I have of promotional material, he doesn't think any of the video I currently have is of sufficient quality to continue with.

June 25th~ Work of Charity.

June 24th~ Lector Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

June 14th~ Work of Charity.

June 11th~ Work of Charity.

June 10th~ Lector Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

May 20th~ Lector Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

May 7-11th~ Work of Charity.  The world is -not- free of 'Damsels in distress...' just one fewer~!

May 6th~ Lector Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

May 4th-5th~ Work of Charity.  Winner of a fee free seminar goes to V. Walters of Hanford, Cal.~!  See...determination does pay off~~

April 26th-30th~ After getting things finally squared away in regards to taking the ministry to Las Vegas, a conference and book signing was set up for the last weekend of April.  Cathy Smith and Weight Warrior's was the program that started it all back in the early '90s.  Ms. Smith has relocated to Vegas and tells me the ground is ready for tilling.  A retreat is being set up for a 2 week cruise sometime in September.  More info for registration forthcoming.  

Vegas~City of Lights

Fun on the street at night with new friends~

Everybody's friendly~

Heather and Mr. Smyth

April 24th~ Work of Charity.

April 19-22nd~ Book signing and speaking on Archeo-mythology at the Georgia Sky View, Indian Springs, Georgia.

April 13-15th~ Work of Charity. Lector Corpus Christi.

April 11th~  Today marks a year to the day of my brother Rick's death and his car is stolen from my driveway this afternoon while I am home.

April 9th~ Free book won by visitor #15500, Laurent Tahon of Belgium~!  Congratulations Laurent!

April 1~ Reading narrators part for the Passion today at Corpus Christi.

March 29th~ Visit to the Veterans Administration Hospital.  

March 27th~ Visit to the Veterans Administration MICU ward.

March 22nd~ Mail DVD's to California.

March 14th~ Radio show with Dr. Bill Deagle on Genesis Communications, 4-5pm Eastern time  Listen live at: http://www.gcnlive.com/listenlive.htm  Broadcast on Network 4.  Show will be archived.

May 14-18th~Works of Charity.  Busy week helping two 'Damsels in Distress' and a home-ridden friend from church.

March 16-19th~ road trip to  Blacksburg, Virginia.

March 11th~ Lector 10am and 11:30 masses at Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

Sunday, March 4th~ Guest on radio talk show with Dr. Bill Deagle, 9-11pm Eastern Time. His show is being carried by a new station now, and will be available online, via Shortwave at 9.480 and on AM radio in 134 countries.  Listen live at http://www.gcnlive.com/listenlive.htm  Archives of this show and the previous two shows will be available online at Genesis Communication Network.  Link will be forthcoming.

March 3rd~ Filming for DVD project for FRAC today at Fernbank Science Center and then viewing the Total Lunar Eclipse with some 300 people.  Extemporaneous speaking on celestial trivia and mythology to help out with the crowd..  Spoke with the Video producer about working on the DVD for the workbook.  He is interested in canvassing me for a TV show.  Phone counseling.

March 2nd~ Phone counseling.

Feb 20th~ Travel day to return home.  Witnessed to three TSA agents and two stewardesses on the flight.  Countless people took the time to speak with me in the terminal and at the boarding gate.  J. Clemins won in addition to the free book just 5 days ago, today he is the winner of a fee-free seminar.  Way to Go Justin~!

Monday Feb. 19th~  AM - Kings County Boot Camp, Hanford, Cal.  I have been to this facility several times now.  The principles of "Iron Clad Principles" has always been highly effective in reaching the wards.  The wards of this facility are youths with gang involvement, or drug charges. One more run in with the law and it will be hard time for these wards.

Feb. 18th~ Church of the Potters Wheel, Fresno.   I had the pleasure of meeting Pastor Doug Erickson when I was out for the Tri-State Crusade last year.  I'll be presenting the message of 'Awaken' to both the morning and evening services of the church, and spending the day with the residents of the Moroa Home.  This is a transitional home for young men coming off the streets to stay while they become re-integrated for life in mainstream society.

Feb 17th~ Travel day from So. Cal.  We take the Grapevine.  Evening is a relaxing visit with friends.

Feb. 16th~  STARK, Chino, California.  This is a maximum security prison for violent offenders.   The event was cancelled due to a riot that broke out just as I was introduced.  The facility does plan on having us back.

Feb. 15th~ CHAD, Stockton, California. Noon.  Presentation of 'Armor Clad Principles.'  This will be a challenging venue as I have been informed the States psychologically involved wards are being transferred here.  Last year this facility was primarily violent offenders and gang related offenders.  Free book won by J. Clemins in WV today.  Lucky number was 14000

Feb. 13th~  Kings County Community School.  This was the venue of the last presentation of the Tri-State Crusade in '06.  Evening presentation at St. Brigid's Catholic Church for the RCIA class.  'Battle Damage' will be the subject of the talk.

Feb. 12th~ 9-9:30 AM Vallejo Christian School K-3rd Grade.  9:45 - 10:30 AM Vallejo Christian School 4-8th Grade 11. AM - Vallejo Homeschoolers.  PM - Music Session with Marks in their home with the church choir .

Feb. 11th~  1st Baptist Church, Vallejo.  Morning service promo for evening service presentation of Awaken for the general congregation.  This was the first church to have me present the message before the completion of 'Awaken the Warrior' when the ministry was first beginning in '98. It will be nice to return there and see old friends~!  I was able to make a surprise visit with the woman's Bible study group.  I presented to them the conditions of the lie society has fostered on them as to their true nature and their true equal-although not same- standing spiritually with men.  Following this, I then had the opportunity to visit with the homeless having diner at the churches soup kitchen.  I personally invited them all to come upstairs later tonight and sit in on the presentation.  Many of them did and their candor and free expression during the program was refreshing and vital.  The evening service was conducted for church families and guests. Approx. 120 people in attendance.

Feb. 10-20th~ Crusade to California.  Programs being set for two programs in Vallejo and San Francisco.  Schedule is filling up with return visits to CHAD, two female installations and a study group.  May stay out for additional time to fit in the seminar that has recently been won by one of the organizers.  Still planning appearances.  Full schedule will be posted when confirmed.

Feb. 8th~  Republic Broadcasting Network, 3-5pm Eastern time.  This is a satellite radio show being aired in 34 countries and on short-wave radio.  Hosted by Bill Deagle. Link to there at:  http://www.rbnlive.com/listen.html .  The shows are all archived and available for listening at anytime after airing.  

Feb 7th~ Visit ICU at Dekalb Medical.

Feb 6th~  Visit ICU at Dekalb Medical.

Jan. 29th~ Lector Holy Hour Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Jan. 28th~ Lector, Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Jan. 25th~  Republic Broadcasting Network, 3-4pm Eastern time.  Hosted by Bill Deagle. This is a satellite radio show being broadcast to 34 countries and on short-wave.  Link to there at: http://www.rbnlive.com/listen.html .  To be discussed today will be in part, the Spiritual nature of the conflict around us today and the all importance of the Armor of God to withstand the onslaught.  The show will be recorded, archived, and made available for listening by visiting the archives and selecting the program by host name and date...

Jan. 18th~ Invited to be on Republic Broadcasting Network for two shows.  Met with Lou to discuss it.

Jan. 16th~  We have another winner for a free seminar~  1st Baptist Church in Vallejo, Cal.  In a freak coincidence, this seminar has been won by one of the organizers to be hosting a presentation this coming Feb.~! 

Jan. 14th~ Lector, Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Jan. 3rd~ Received the news from West Coast Ministry Director that the grant was awarded another foundation.  While the news is disappointing, we will not cease looking for funding to expand the ministry services...God will open the doors he wants for the ministries work.  While this may appear as a setback, it does leave options open for other movement and possibilities this year.  Confirmation from one church has come in concerning the trip to California in Feb.   Plans will be laid when the second confirmation comes in.



January 5th- Online Chat 10 pm Eastern time...3 am UT.  Log into the AwakentheWarrior Yahoo group to participate.

January 6th- Received call from National Supreme Commander for the Order of the Knights of St. John Hospitallers.  He recruited my help to start a commandery for the Parish.  He is helping me to be invested in Charlotte.

January 7thMeet with organizer of the March Tea- 'Meeting Christ in the Garden.'  Tea set for end of March.  Execute photo shoot for advertisement.  Late lunch.  Have early dinner with friends from Corpus Christi Catholic Church.  Discuss with three Knights of Columbus strategy for the coming year.  'Shut in Relief,'  'Christmas Presence,' 'Squire training fund raiser,' 'Squire Investiture fund raiser,' 'Cemetery Care.'

January 8th~  Reading at Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

January 9th~ Vigil and Mass.

January 11th~ 51st Birthday.  Vigil.

January 13-29th~  "3-State Crusade."  Speaking Tour of California, Oregon and Washington States.

         13th, Friday~ Fly into Los Angeles 10:37.  11-1pm travel to Santa Barbara.  Lunch and Walking tour of  Stearns Warf, Santa Barbara.  3-6 travel to Los Osos.  7-9 Awakening Dinner in Los Osos with Central Coast leadership, (invitation only).

        14th, Saturday~  9:30-1, Morrow Bay-Strategic Planning, Grant Proposal Development, and Spiritual Focus Workshops, (private retreat) .  2:30-4 El Paso de Robles Youth Correctional Facility assembly.  Open to general population.  "Iron Clad Principles."  Had an additional opportunity to speak with the wards of the Max. Security Mental Division.

        15th, Sunday~ 9-12:30  Church presentation at the Cambria Vineyards.  "Awaken the Warrior."  Strategic Planning, Grant Proposal Development, and Spiritual Focus Workshops, Los Osos, CA (private retreat)  Travel to Hanford.

        16th, Monday~ 9-11am- Kings County Boot Camp assembly.  "Iron Clad Principles."   Meet grant writer.  M2 commissions grant proposal to be written to associate Accolade and M2 for future work.

                        1pm-2pm- Kings County Juvenile Center Unit One assembly. "Iron Clad Principles." 

                            2:15-3:15- Kings County Juvenile Center Unit Two assembly.  "Iron Clad Principles."

                                    3:30-4:30- Kings County Juvenile Center Unit Three assembly.  "Iron Clad Principles."

                                            5-6- Dinner

                                                        7pm- travel to Tulare to meet with Warriors.

        17th, TuesdayVideo Taping for Workbook Visual Aids 10-noon. 

                             1pm-Travel to Morro Bay. 

                                        3pm- set up for Rock Harbor Christian Fellowship presentation.  

                                                6-9pm-Presentation~ Rock Harbor Christian Fellowship, Morro Bay, CA.  "The Mentors Role."

                               Presentation and M2 Volunteer Recognition~ Roger Clark celebrates over 30 years of volunteer work with M2 and his 100th birthday~!  Receives special award from M2 for service, the Mayors office of Atascadero presents humanitarian award and I present Congressional Award of Merit.

                                      Travel to Hanford.

       18th, Wednesday~ 9-10:30am- Corcoran High School assembly.  "Iron Clad Principles."

                            1-4pm- Travel to Stockton.  

                        6-7pm- Presentation at Chad maximum  security center.  "Iron Clad Principles."  M2 sponsors 5 books for the facility.

                                   Overnight in Lodi.  

        19th, Thursday~ 10-12:30- Travel to Los Molinos - visiting/networking.  Meet with director of Jubilee Christian Center.  Overnight stay.  Mule Creek State Prison, meet with 25 members of CGA (Criminals and Gang members Anonymous.  Have an opportunity to speak additionally with an inner sanctum Maximum security group.  Also a morning presentation for Minimum security members of study group.   Director purchases 5 books for facility, Officer Pernell purchases one for himself from the 5.  An additional 5 books are requested for the facility, and Director orders 10 additional books for distribution.

        20th, Friday~ 8-9am-Travel to Shasta City.

                11-2pm-travel to Klamath Falls, Oregon. Have early dinner with SSG Yahoo Group organizers.  Visiting and networking.

        21st, Saturday~ 8AM – 8:30AM Travel to Chiloquin, OR - visiting/networking/area tour    

                    1PM – 10:30PM Travel to Oak Harbor, WA (Whidbey Island) – Overnight stay

        22nd, Sunday~ Whidbey Island - attend church/visiting/networking/island tour.  Overnight stay.

        23rd, Monday~ Montessori School Appearance.  3-7pm- Travel to Vancouver, WA.  Meet Pastor and wife for visiting and networking.

        24th, Tuesday~ Travel to Hanford.

        25th, Wednesday~  9am- Avenal High School Assembly~ "Iron Clad principles."

                2pm- Lemoore High School Assembly~ "Iron Clad Principles."

        26th, Thursday~ 9am- Hanford High School assembly.  "Iron Clad Principles.".

                2pm- Hanford West High School.  "Iron Clad Principles."  

27th, Friday~  9am- Kings County Community School assembly.  "Iron Clad Principles."

                5-7pm- Kings County Foster Youth Program.  "Iron Clad Principles."

        28th, Saturday~ 10-3- conclude taping for video and workbooks.  5-? BBQ with Phillip and Michelle Small in Visalia.  He 'rescued me' in May by restoring my broadsword, which incidentally had an accident at the beginning of filming today...

        29th, Sunday~ 5:30am-9:30am  leave for Los Angeles.  11:30 catch flight to Georgia.  Meet Pastor of United for Christ, connect with another Prison Minister.  

        30th, Monday~ Conclude Crusade with Vigil and mass 7am.  Make connection with a local Prison Ministry.  The director and minister work at my bank.

February 1~ Offer unclaimed fee-free seminar for visitor #7000 to a church contacting me about study material for an armor of God study.

        12th- Fencing Competition Dunwoody, Georgia.

        16th~  10pm Eastern time.  Live online Chat in the Yahoo Group.  Membership is free.

       24th-28th~ Lakeland Florida~ Fencing Competition.

March 1st~ Ash Wednesday.

        2nd~Online chat, 10pm Eastern time.

       5th~  First inaugural online Chat-Church.  10am Eastern.  Topic~  "How do we become vulnerable and guard our hearts from hurt?  The Charge and Assurance of a Christian Warrior."  Conversation revealed the protection of the breastplate and shield, and the use of the feet armor.  Ran 10am-1pm.

        8th~  Online chat, 10pm Eastern time. 

        10th~  Put notice of recruitment drive in Corpus Christi newsletter to run this Sunday and thru the end of the month.  Discussed scheduling a meeting with the church organizer.

        13th~  Contacted General Windser of the Knights of St. John and discussed recruitment drive in Stone Mountain, Georgia, as well as investiture in Charlotte.  Contacted the Commandery in Charlotte and presented proposal for joining.  Contacted local Knight Washington and discussed bulletin advertisement in our church newsletter.

        15th~  A  proposal is  being prepared for the Sheriff's Dept of Las Vegas to offer character development and Restorative Justice rehabilitation in Conjunction with M2 California.

        16th~ Online chat, 10pm Eastern time.  Sign into our Yahoo group to participate...membership is free.  Subject~  "When prayers go unanswered..."  Scheduled meeting with Bob McCurry to discuss 508 status.

        25th~ Beginning at 3pm- 'A Knight in the Garden'  being hosted in Atlanta, Georgia. I will deliver the 'Awaken' message showing Christ as a Warrior preparing to do the Fathers will.  The message will key on how women have been duped into believing they are one thing, when they have been equipped to be another.  Delivery for 50-100 woman prayer warriors. By invitation only event.  

         26th~ reading at CCCC.

April 13th, 2006 HOLY THURSDAY~ today the suffering of my older brother, Rick, ended when he took his life.  He suffered greatly for 26 years and finally could no longer endure it.  Tragically my brothers fight with depression was finally being helped but he stopped taking his medication and fell to the enemy.  I loved my brother greatly and he will be sorely missed for the rest of my life.  He was very supportive of my ministry and wanted to find some way in which he could help.  I will endeavor to make his death count for something in the future days through my life and ministry.  Your prayers for the rest of his soul and the comfort of my family will be appreciated.  He died at the age of 60.  Born 12/27/46, died 4/13/06.

         17th- Winner #8500 in Tasmania, Australia claims book.

          30th~ Received contact information for Knight Commander of Commandery of Old Dixie, Ordo Pauperum Commilitum Christi et Templi Solomnis, Knights Templar of North America.

May 1st~ Confirmed scheduled meeting for formation of the first Southern Commandry of the Knights of St. John, for May 11th, 7pm-9pm, Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Stone Mountain, Georgia.  Contact established with Knight Commander, Commandery of Old Dixie, OPCCTS.

            5th~ Contacted Knight Commander of OPCCTS.  Encouraged to fill our contact info on their home page.

           8th- Contacted vocation Director Archdiocese of Atlanta and was referred to Monsignors office.  volunteer for work with SMOM.  Receive application for association with United Christian Fellowship.  Bishop O. suffers home invasion and burglary.  Will he attend the conference?

        11th- Meeting of the Knights of Saint John, International.  Corpus Christi Catholic Church, 7-9pm.  Meet in rooms 7 and 8.

          12th~ Called and conferred with Supreme Commander, Knights of St. John, International today about joining in Charlotte and working as a knight to establish the Commandery in Atlanta.

        13th- Athens, Georgia.  All day working with underprivileged children at the Oasis Catolico Santa Raphaela with the Handmaidens of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  100-150 kids in attendance.  11am-4pm.  Meet and Greet, Magic, Pizza and Pony rides.  I will take pictures with the kids for posting.  Discussed setting up an astronomy night for the community.

        18-26th~ ECC Dayspring International 2006 General Conference & Assembly. The Conference Theme this year is "Eagles Gathering to Serve the Lost: Serving through Preaching and Counseling."  It will be a combined gathering of both branches of Dayspring: ECC (Evangelical Christian Church) and AACT (American Association of Christian Therapists.)  Access conference information at:  http://www.dayspringmi.us/  then click on the 2006 conference information link.  I will be attending for a three day book signing, and then follow-up with M2Texas and Warrior Events as scheduled.  

        18th~ Arrive Dallas/Fort Worth.  Travel to Granbury for DMI Conference.  Book Signings  upon arrival and after presentations.  Assist Bishop Walters with her presentation.

        19th~ Book signings 1pm and 6 pm and following evening presentations.  Granbury, Texas.

        20th~ Book signings 8am, 4pm and following evening presentations.  Spend the day with the people of Granbury, Texas.  Visited the Arts Festival.  Several divine appointments.  Meet the Blivens.  Guest speak at the DMI conference.

        21st~ 8:30 am, book signing.  Leave at noon for Nash, Texas.  6pm, Warrior presentation at Grace Church~ after service book signing.

        22nd~ Bowie County Correctional Center 1pm.   3:30pm- Bowie County Juvenile Detention Center.

        23rd~ Bowie County Correctional Center, 1pm.  

                                    Book Signing, Hampton Inn, 5pm.

                                                    Miller County Juvenile Center, 7pm.  Visited 

        24th-25thBowie County Correctional Center, 1pm, Covenant Church School of Success Presentation for Youth group.  Evening presentation at Flowers Acre Baptist Church.  This presentation was by special invitation after meeting their pastor at the BCCC.

        26th~ Leave Dallas/Fort Worth for Atlanta, 5pm.

        28th~ Lector Corpus Christi, 11:30.

        29th~ youth counseling for two youths of a broken family.  Reconciliation is looking good.

        30th~ Spoke with Regional Hospitaller about working with Knights of Malta.  He sent me membership info.  Referenced the Venerable Order of Saint John.

          31st~ Found reference info on the Venerable Order of St. John and the relationship to SMOM today.  Have contacted them for more information for non-Catholic contacts I have.  Received request for workbooks from Granbury, Texas and several phone calls from people having met me in Granbury and Nash during the Texas Crusade.  Many lives were changed by the message delivered.

June 14th~ Invited to travel with Archbishop Barkman and his party to Nigeria in September.  Funding is not in place and I will not be able to attend at this time.

June 21st~  Begin Bible study with 'Awaken the Warrior' Stone Mountain, Georgia.  Introduction and The World View.  Hosted by Ms. A. Davila.

June 28th~  Missed Bible study with 'Awaken the Warrior' Stone Mountain, Georgia.    Run by Ms. Davila.  Spiritual Warfare.

July 4th~ Met with Cathy Smith and discussed plans for filming in Vegas.  She wants to do a TV pilot.    Dates are being discussed to plan the first Warrior Weekend, either in Augusta or at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Georgia.  

July 6th~ Work on newsletter for publication.  It will center on "The Knight in the Garden" event in March.  Sister Margarita sent me all the pictures from their event in March.  Thanks Sister~!

July 7th~  Attend National Fencing Competition, Atlanta, Georgia.

July 12th~  Bible study with 'Awaken the Warrior' Stone Mountain, Georgia

July 16th~ Lector Corpus Christi, Stone Mountain, Georgia.

July 19th~  Bible study with 'Awaken the Warrior' Stone Mountain, Georgia.  God and the Bible, Perceptions.

July 24th~ Write correspondences to BCCC.

July 25th~  Write correspondences to BCCC.

July 27th~ Shalom Church in Kenya sent an invitation to come March 16-20, 2007.

July 27th~ Write correspondences to BCCC.

July 28th~ Received invitation to join a mission party to Nigeria this time next year by Archbishop Barkman, Dayspring International Ministry.  Write correspondences to BCCC.

July 31st~ Holy Hour Mass, Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Stone Mountain, Georgia.  Write correspondences to BCCC.

August 2nd~  Bible study with 'Awaken the Warrior' Stone Mountain, Georgia. Standards and Awards, the Seven Crowns of Glory.  This completes Part I of the book.

August 4~  Arrangements are made with the Sheriff Dept, and Justice Dept. of Las Vegas to inaugurate a mandatory sentencing of all Prostitutes to a 10 week development program called 'PR'.  Have to confirm with Ms. Smith what my part in this will be.  Write correspondences to BCCC.

August 6~ Invited to a celebration for a friends graduation.  Surprise visit by Father Frank.

August 7th~  Write correspondences to BCCC.

August 9th~  Write correspondences to BCCC.

August 14th~  Write correspondences to BCCC.

August 15th~  Holy day of Obligation.  Assumption of Mary.  Visit shut in.  Write correspondences to BCCC.

August 16th~ Bible study with 'Awaken the Warrior' Stone Mountain, Georgia.  Heels and Hose, the Preparedness of Peace.

August 17th~ S. Peterson in Cal. is asked to do a presentation.  I arrange to have a half case of books, book markers and contact cards sent out.  Supplied her with a presentation Syllabus.

August 18th~ Write correspondences to BCCC.

August 20th~  Lector Corpus Christi Catholic Church.  11 am mass. Visit shut-in.

August 22nd~  Write correspondences to BCCC.

August 23rd~  Bible study with 'Awaken the Warrior' Stone Mountain, Georgia.  The Belt of Truth.

August 25th~    Write correspondences to BCCC.

August 26th~ contact Rev. Marks for recommendation letter for affiliation with UCF.

August 27th~ Website goes over 10000.  Fee-Free seminar open. S. Peterson is deployed by Red Cross to Orlando, Florida for preparation of hurricane Ernesto's landfall.  She expects upwards of 2-3 week deployment  Aid station is free of even cots at this point.  Write Correspondences to BCCC.

August 28th~ Joined the Decatur Book Festival Committee.  Will not be able to participate this year as it conflicts with DCon.  Lector Holy Hour, Corpus Christi Catholic Church.  Write correspondences to BCCC.  Write correspondence to Cope fellowship for affiliation and web-link.

August 30th~ Packing for Convention.  

August 31-September 4th~ Public appearance at DCon, Atlanta, Georgia, Hyatt Downtown and the Marriott.

Sept. 6th~  Bible study with 'Awaken the Warrior' Stone Mountain, Georgia.  The Helmet of Salvation.

Sept. 9-10th~ Write correspondences to BCCC.

Sept. 11th~  Attend 'Battle Cry' youth ministry/leadership workshop hosted by Atlanta City Church, promoted by Ron Luce and Teen Mania ministry.  Made many contacts with youth ministers in Duluth, Monroe, Murphy, N.C., and Atlanta proper.  Attend mass at Corpus Christi and am given directions to EWTN in Alabama as well as the contact information to reach the  nuns directing their retreats as well as the upcoming schedule.  This is the fourth time I am directed that way.

Sept. 12th~  Write correspondences to BCCC.  Help direct aid to find financial assistance for soon to be released inmate.

Sept. 13th~  Bible study with 'Awaken the Warrior' Stone Mountain, Georgia.  The Shield of Faith.

Sept. 17th~  Lector 11:30 am mass Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

Sept. 20-23rd~ Unscheduled trip to Augusta, S.C. to deal with family matters.

Sept. 20th~  Hold discussion with political dissidents in N. Augusta, S.C.

Sept. 22nd~ Speak with 'Books-A-Million' about a book signing date.  

Sept. 23rd~  Received a letter from a church in Nigeria wanting to have 230 Bibles sent to them.  They have approached me to facilitate the purchase and shipping of the Bibles.

Sept. 24th~  Lector 10 am mass Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

Sept. 25th~  Bible study with 'Awaken the Warrior' Stone Mountain, Georgia. Final section, The Sword of the Spirit and Accolades.

Write letters of encouragement to inmates of BCCC.  Several inmates to be paroled soon.  Contacted the Chaplain Assistant in regards to sending in workbooks and texts for Awaken the Warrior for them to conduct Bible studies of the material.

Sept. 26th~ Approach the administration of my church about getting assistance in sending 230 Bibles to Nigeria.

Sept. 27th~ Winner Number 10500 claims a free book.  To my surprise it goes to a good friend right here in Stone Mountain, Georgia~~ Congrats Ms. Davila!

Sept. 29th~ Meeting with Felix S. to discuss ministry outreach.

                        Visit with Dept. of Juvenile Justice.  Discuss possible fit of program.  They are looking for a spiritual program to offer.  Next program to start in January.  Their programs run 12 weeks.  I introduced an ongoing program for their consideration.  

Sept. 29th~ Lector for Holy Hour, Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Stone Mountain.

Oct. 3rd~ Meeting scheduled with Bruce J. of Department of Juvenile Justice.  Offer workbooks and Squire program.  The established program is 12 weeks.  Possibility of Grant funding.  Lou D. meets with M. Klaudt.

Oct. 6-8th~ Charlotte, N.C., Book signing.  Appearance for Canterbury Festival.  Fencing demo.

Oct. 9th~ Private Bible study.  Write correspondence to BCCC.

Oct. 10th~ Meet with Pastor of Atlanta City Church.

Oct. 11th~ Assured last recommendation letter required for United Christian Fellowship association is in the mail.

Oct. 12th~ Visit Newton County School.  Get contact info on Newton County Board of Education and contact info to H2O ministry.  Visit 6 churches in Conyers, 4  request more information.  Work on website.  Receive invitation to minister in Kenya.  Need funding.  Meet with Office Administrator and Youth Minister at St. Pius X Catholic Church, Crusade Dominion Church, Victorious Life Church and Dominion Christian Church.

Oct. 13th~ Write follow-up letters and correspondences.

Oct. 20-22nd~ Stone Mountain, Ga. North Georgia Highland Games.  Appearance and book signing.

Oct. 23rd~ Update mailing list and send out letters.  Contacted Author House and updated the website with contact info.

Oct. 24th~ update website and send out letters and emails to new contact.  Received the 10/06 newsletter for distribution today.  Will begin sending out electronic copies tomorrow.  Mailings will be going out of California.  Found a venue for local seminars and classes at the 'Lion of Judah' Convention Center.  They have floor space for potential Epee classes as well.  Received last required letter of recommendation to submit application to UCF for association and non-profit status.

Oct. 25th~ Updated mailing lists and sent out newsletters.  If you are interested in getting on the mailing list, use the link to email me on the homepage.  Received call from Archbishop Barkman of DMI.  He invited me to be the keynote speaker at the Dayspring Ministry International conference next May.  I accepted~ more info forthcoming.

Oct. 29th~ Lector Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

Oct. 29th~ Teen mass and Presentation at St. Pius X in  Conyers, Ga.  Mass at 5, followed by BBQ and lecture at 7:15~8:30.  Approx. 100 teens in attendance.  Event covered by Photojournalist for the Rockdale Citizen.

Oct. 30th~  Contacted by the Editor for the Rockdale Citizen.  They will be doing an article on me and my ministry for the weekend of the 11th of November.  The recent newsletter reaches a ministry in Nicaragua and evokes and invitation to come there and teach on the Armor of God.

Oct. 31st~ 'All Hallows Eve.'  Several friends joined me in bringing a special treat to the kids and adults visiting the home site for candy and a fright.  "Sacred Scrolls" on the Armor of God were handed out to upwards of a hundred visitors.  One girl that had been too scared to even get a piece of candy, read her scroll and returned to face her fears~ only to be rewarded by pulling a roll of nickels from the 'Grab-Box.' Special thanks to Angela, Gil and Art for making this a fun and memorable night.

Nov. 1st~ 'All Saints Day.'  Holy Day.

Nov. 2nd~  'All Souls Day.'  Requested workbooks sent out from website.

Nov. 4th~ Study group 3-6pm.

Nov. 5th~  Lector Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

Nov. 6th~ Men's club meeting. Social hour and dinner.  Consultations.

Nov. 7th~  Awaken the Warrior is 4 today~!  Ministry with a friend over marriage issues.  Contacted the director of the Squires for the church Knights of Columbus about revamping the outdoor chapel and doing a series of presentations.  Looks promising.  Write correspondences.

Nov. 9th~  Write correspondences. Minister with a woman in a marriage with a foreign born agnostic.  Discuss grant processing with Executive Director of M2.  We should hear something about the awarding of the grants by Dec. 29th with disbursements to begin Feb. 1st, 2007.

Nov. 10th~  Write correspondences to BCCC.  

Nov. 11th~ Article about Accolade is printed in the Rockdale Citizen today.  Nice article with pictures.  Front page of the religious section.

Nov. 14th~  Cub Pack 504 meeting Lilburn, Ga.   Appearance.  'The Most Valuable thing.'  AIM will be linked to the Packs website~!

Nov. 15th~ Update Website, update mailing list and send out more newsletters.  Sort pictures and prepare to create Picture link on site.

Nov. 19th~  We have a winner for the fee-free seminar...An Atlanta local event winner~ details to be worked out soon.  Lector Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

Nov. 27th~  We have a winner of a free book by visitor number 12000.  Winner is from Missouri.

Dec. 2nd~  Acquire new bascinet with aventail.  Will nest in Barrel Helm.  The new helm will be easier to travel with.

Dec. 3rd~ Lector Corpus Christi, Stone Mountain, Georgia.  Spoke with representative of Knights of St. John, International today at church.  They are to have another induction this coming weekend in Charlotte and I was invited to come.

Dec. 7th~  Contacted by W. D. concerning the induction this weekend.  It has been postponed until after the New Year as the Supreme General can not attend.

Dec. 17th~ Lector Corpus Christi, Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Dec. 29th~  Deadline to find out about awarding of grants for re-entry programs  in Southern and Northern California being written by M2.  Two  $300,000  grants being sought for a 3 year program.  This will determine a lot about the balance of activities for 2007 on into 2010.


January ~ 5th~ travel arrangements are made for the retreat the middle of the month.      7th~ two days late due to being snow bound by a freak storm or snow and ice, Dr. Baier arrives safely to Atlanta to begin the video project.    8th~ viewing of raw footage begins.       19-25~  Retreat for St. Peter's Catholic Church RCI program in Appleton, Wisc.       28th~ invited to special retreat for archdiocese.     30th~ First completed promo burned to DVD.   45 minute Introduction to the Armor of God is prepared and ready for posting as available.  Vid feeds are in the works for the website.

February 5th~ first DVD's Promos are burned and shipped out.   6th~ Presentation at Shepard Center, Atlanta, Georgia.  11th~ workbook requested by Bible Study group, request for individual shots of armor used in presentations was made.  I will shoot the pictures and have them posted on the site .  17th~ free presentation offered on the homepage for visitor 5000.  25-26th~ Confirmation retreat with Corpus Christi Catholic Church.  27th~ Contact 'True Knights' about seminar/workshop.

March~ Scheduling continuing education class with Corpus Christi.  Contact Archdiocese of Atlanta about doing a seminar.

May 11th~ confirmation ceremony at Corpus Christi.  Our new Archbishop Gregory presided.  12-23rd~ Dates for appearances, signings, presentations and 2 day retreat in Southern California.

12th-Fly out to Hanford

13th- Meet and Greet, Irwin Street Inn,  6-9pm.

14th- Awaken the Warrior Workshop and Graduation 10am-4pm

15th- Lemoore Pentecostal Church of God evening service

16th- Hanford recording session 4pm

18th- Kings County Juvenile Boot Camp 3-5pm    

19th- Downtown Hanford Farmers Market Book-signing and public mixer 4-8pm

20th- Match Two Board of Directors dinner~ social event only.

21st- East meets West Karate Kids Demonstration and Presentation 3-9pm

22nd- R&R, ride up the valley for church service and meet.

June 9-13- Virginia trip

June 28-July 5th- London, England tour.  Plans are laid to do an extended presentation in North Carolina.

July 6th~ Awaken study started in Connecticut.

July 6th, and 8th~ Two studies of Awaken using the new workbooks started in the Hanford, California area.  Discussion has been had to host a retreat in the Los Osbisbo area.  A return visit for a retreat in Hanford is in the talking stage.

July 7th~ First order for jewelry off  the website comes in.  Word has spread to Santa Barbara, California.

July 12th~ Awaken Study started in Illinois.

Sept. 1-5~ Dragon Con, Atlanta, Ga.  Two book signings and lots of appearances.  

Sept. 10~ Board meeting of M2 to determine budget and plan volunteer seminar is postponed due to illnesses on the Board.  Tentative date for the 26th set.

Sept. 12th~ Introduction to VFW Post 5257.  Am invited to join the Post.  Planning a family night or Bingo fund raiser in the future.

Sept. 13th~  Winner #4500 in Honolulu for free book.  George has a men's group that meets to study.  I offered them workbooks and a visit in the future.

Sept. 27th~  Letter is prepared and sent to the IRS concerning section 508 deductions and implementation.

Sept. 30th~ Oct. 2nd~  Representing the Order of Saint John for the Church of the Holy Cross in Tryon, North Carolina.  They are hosting their first Renaissance Faire and I have been invited to add some color and meet the people of Tryon.   30th- book signing and live steel dueling with Epee and Schlagers with Derrick Schroff- a nice period fencing demonstration to fill in the time prior to the evening auction.  1st- Heavy combat demonstration, display Hafstadl, mix and mingle, and help eat the 10 foot banana split.  2nd- Book signing, mix and mingle.  Strauss' "Promenade for the Investiture of a Knight of the Order of Saint John" was played for me in a private audience on the great pipes in the church.

October 13th-  Closing in on visitor #4750.  I expect a winner for the 3 hour seminar the first week of November.  Worked on the website and merged the old site with the new site to increase the text for the spiders.  It came to my attention the website is not ranking well on Google.  This should help.

October 15th-  Stone Mountain, Georgia, the Highland Games 11am-5pm.  Visit with Clans Gunn, Ross,  McDuff, Macpherson, Anderson, Abercrombie, McCurdy, and McDowell.  Book signing went well all afternoon.  While I didn't man the table the whole day, I sold 1/2 case of books.  This was my second best book signing to date.  And it was unadvertised which made it very special to me.  I made contact with 3 churches desiring to have presentations, and was contacted by the director or over 100 women 'Prayer Warriors' in the neighboring township.  Derrick and I were wearing the dress of the Knight Templar.  I was approached by two current members of the Order of the Temple.  What a treat.

October 17th~ attempting to establish contact with Weight Warriors again.  We lost contact when my computer went down a month ago.  Kathy Smith wants to do a video shoot.  She is looking for financial support for us.  Contact again with California confirmed problems in bringing about the retreat in November.  A week long state wide road Crusade is discussed.

October 18th~ Rehobeth Baptist Church- 'Chronicles of Narnia' event.   Contacted Net Solutions about polishing the website.  Several suggestions were discussed.

October 19th~  Was reconnected with Weight Warriors.  Ms. Smith has contacted a promotional agent who is going to work with us on setting up a tour.  Ms. Smith is in Las Vegas at the moment visiting with a friend of hers suffering with Colon cancer.  Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow.  We have plans on getting together next week and setting our plans to do a video and begin promotional work for a retreat at 'Epworth by the Sea' on Saint Simmons Island.

Knights of Columbus~  Contact was made today with John Masek.  He has spoken with the leaders of the national organization and asked that I send several copies of the text and accompanying promotional material to them for perusal.  I am drafting a letter in preparation for mailing.

October 24~  Meeting with Angela D. to see about setting up the first local study group in Lilburn.

October 26~  Appearance at Lakeside High School, Atlanta, Georgia.  Met with 5 senior classes.  Prophecy was given~  "You are about to explode."  Books and promo material sent to the Knights of Columbus national advisory committee.

Oct. 27th~ Second notice for FOI to IRS was mailed Certified today to get answers on 508 status deduction claims for contributors.

Nov. 1st~ Began training session with Angela D. in Stone Mountain.  She is planning a woman's tea in the spring.  She has upwards of 100 women in her study/prayer Warrior group.  Angela confided in me that she felt she was about to 'hit the beach' and the message of Awaken is most timely for her.

Nov. 3-6th~ MASP, Robbins, North Carolina.  Mythology talks and meet and greet.

Nov. 7~  Marking the third anniversary of the printing of Awaken the Warrior.  We have a winner of the fee free seminar.  It goes to Joni Rillos of Sacramento, Cal.  As it turns out, she is an associate of Ms. Walters of M2 Mentoring.

Nov. 13-16- Parish Retreat, Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Nov. 17th- First inaugural  chat online in Yahoo Group. Log into AwakentheWarrior Yahoo group to participate.

Nov. 18th~ Basket Bakery, Stone Mountain.  Astronomy night and Mythology talks 8 pm-12am.

Nov. 20th~ Reading, Stone Mountain, Corpus Christi.

Nov. 23rd~ Contact with Weight Warriors in Vegas.  Prayer requests for a close friend fighting cancer.

Nov. 28th~ Helped set up chat parameters with Vicky Walters to allow the 'Awaken' study  group to join us on the chat on the 30th.

Nov. 29th~ discussed current schedule as it is filling for the Crusade in California, Oregon and Washington from January 13-29th.

Nov. 30th~ Online Chat 10pm Eastern time...3amUT.  Active Awaken study group in California will be online with us.

Dec. 3rd~  Helped a friend empty his recently sold home.  A benevolent society from Cleveland, Ga., filled a large moving truck with beds and furniture.  The appliances, tables and furniture will be made available to families that have suffered fires, etc.

Dec. 4th~ Fencing Competition.  USFA sanctioned C and under.  Davis Academy, Atlanta, Ga.

Dec. 5th~ House watching for an out of town friend.

Dec. 6th~ Presentation to the national officers of the Knights of Columbus is to be made seeking their sponsorship and support.

Dec. 8th~ Online Chat 10pm Eastern time...3am UT.    Log into the AwakentheWarrior Yahoo group to participate.

Dec. 9th~ #5500 visitor to the website won a free book.  Sent out to Nigeria.

Dec. 15th~ Online Chat 10pm Eastern time....3am UT.  Log into the AwakentheWarrior Yahoo group to participate.

Dec. 18-23rd- Off and on contact with 'Weight Warriors' director in Las Vegas.  Meeting pending.


Jan.~  draft completed for Training for God's Army- workbook companion to Awaken the Warrior.  ~ continue plans to open workshops in California.  Contact with "Weight Warriors" reinitiated.   Scriptural Index for Awaken the Warrior completed.

Feb.~ Re-affiliated with "Weight Warriors"

March~ Composite pictures received from ABC printing for completion of promotional kits.  If you would like a promo kit, email me below.  'First Books' publishing changes name to 'Authors House.'  

April~ Contact Waldenbooks and Borders to do book signing in May.  Books ordered and received in 5 days.  Hard bounds on hand.

May~ Section one of 'Training for God's Army' completed.  The Yahoo Group for Awaken the Warrior inaugurated.  Rev. Andy Peltier is first to join.

June~ the 1,000th visitor hits the site, and I open the free book offer to the 1500th visitor.  Weight Warriors working out teaching sessions with churches in Lilburn and Conyers, Ga.

July~ guest registration confirmed for the DragonCon in Atlanta,              

Aug30-Sept6.  Will have an autograph table set up with books for sale.        26th- arrangements being followed up on having Accolade International Ministry set up as an Ecumenical Corporation Sole.        27th- details discussed for retreat and presentations at St. Peter's Catholic Church.  Contact made with St. Ray-Fields in Appleton, Wisc.

August~ 1st- winner of free book offer contacts me.  Set up next offer for visitor number 2000.  11th- contact is made with Corpus Christi about getting linked.          15th~ meet with Bible study group at Corpus Christi.             17th~ Contacted the Little Rock Bible Group and set a future meeting to discuss an extended Bible Study of Awaken the Warrior following a presentation to the group.  May lead off the next session with it.  Decision to be made by the 9th of Sept.        20th~ Attended facilitators workshop at the Cathedral of Christ the King downtown Atlanta.                 

September 1- first request for the online Bible study for use in a church study group.

              3-6~ Autograph sessions and talks scheduled for DCON in Atlanta.

             26th~ Families of Faith presentation at Corpus Christi Catholic Church, 7pm in the Beltran Room.  Standing room only.  Study group sessions to be scheduled afterwards.   Books for troops offer begins raising books to be sent to USO.

October 7th- Thursday 6-9pm Basket Bakery, Stone Mountain- Book signing and Donations collected for our troops in Iraq.            

            13th- First shipment of a full case of books sent to USO care of 'Operation Care package.'             

          16th- 'Meet and Greet' at the Highland games in Stone Mountain. 

            19th- remainder of books sent to 'Operation Care package.'  A little under 50 books were sponsored.  First Editions of Training for God's Army have been sent to New York, N.Y., Atlanta, Georgia, Poland and England.

            30th~ Signed up as a candidate for a new Commandery of the Order of Saint John, the first Commandery of the Order being organized in Georgia.

November~ 1st- Full order of 12x18" color posters received.           14th-First full edition of Workbook-Training for God's Army- finished.   It doubles as a Bible Study and Retreat Manual. Sent to Wisconsin.  Video Editor contacted in New York to complete DVD's and video links for website and publication.  Estimated 100 hours of work to complete.  Incorporation papers are being drawn up for Accolade.  Letter prepared to send to Secretary of State to get formal recognition from the Attorney General.         15th~ The Instructor and Participant Edition of Training for God's Army are now complete.  The Participant Edition is available online.

December~  A special edition workbook has been created for the St. Paul's RCIA retreat.

Completed~ Singles Retreat manual.  'Training for God's Army' is free and available online or by email.


January 16th~ Interview on WBCR Nashville for Awaken the Warrior

January 19th~ Oak Road Lutheran Church- Presentation, book signing

January 23rd~  Intown Community Church- fencing demo for Scouts

February 20th~ Oak Road Lutheran Church Scout Troop- Presentation, book signing

March 5th, 12th~ Pleasantdale Road Church of God- Presentation, book signing

April 5th~ Snellville Park, Bethesda Baptist Church Renaissance Festival, appearance and book signing

May 13-14th~ Cross of Light Montessori School- work with K-4

June 14th~ Georgia Games State Championships- competition

June 28th~ Clarkston Music and Arts Festival- appearance and book signing

July 22nd~  Website gets listed with some 70+ search engines- thanks to my nephew Chumley (Michael Miller)

July 26th~ Photo shoot at Decatur Methodist Church.  Join Coalition of Prison Evangelists (COPE). 

August 28th-Sept 1st~ Hosted workshops and  book signings at the *Dragon Con* convention hosted at the Hyatt Regency Hotel downtown Atlanta.

Sept. 17th~ Contact with California to arrange a date for workshops

Sept. 19-20~ Retreat at Christ the King Catholic Church- 'Gifts of the Spirit'

Sept. 20~ Mythology Talk at the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center in Mansfield, Georgia, 7pm at the visitor center

Sept. 22~ Meet with Director of Ministries, Archdiocese of Atlanta

Oct. 1st~Live interview with local cable WBPI TV 49, North Augusta, South Carolina.  One hour uninterrupted teaching is taped.

Oct. 17-22~ contact "My Father's House" in Duluth, Ga. about conferences.

Oct. 30~ receive letter of recommendation from Center of Religious Instruction- Archdiocese of Atlanta.